Best books on japanese culture

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best books on japanese culture

Popular Japanese Culture Books

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Published 03.02.2019

10 Best Japanese History Books 2018

One of the best ways to get insight into the fascinating culture of the here are nine books that will help give you some real insight into Japan.
Arthur Golden

9 Books You Should Read to Help You Understand Japan

This page may contain affiliate links. I always like to read about a destination before I visit and Japan is perfect for this. It has a unique and fascinating culture and learning more about it before you visit will increase your enjoyment of the country. There is a huge range of books about Japan including memoirs, novels, and books on Japanese culture. Here are some of my favourites:. As a vegetarian, I appreciated the final section on shojin ryori , the Zen Buddhist vegetarian cuisine where tea kaiseki originated. Despite this, I found it a compelling insight into Japanese food culture from convenience stores to kaiseki and everything in between.

Hokkaido Highway Blues, Will Ferguson (1998)

J apan has a birthday this year., While working in Japan as a teacher Ferguson made the sake fuelled decision to trek across the nation from the southern most point up to the far northern peak, chasing the cherry blossom front. Along the way he meets a vast cross section of people and sees a side of Japan that many can only dream of.

Jump to navigation. JapanVisitor has the largest collection of independent reviews of Japan-related books on the Internet: travel guides, Japanese fiction and fiction with a Japan setting, books on Japanese history, Japanese politics and society, Japanese food and cuisine, books on learning the Japanese language, books on Japanese art, design and photography, the nature and environment of Japan as well as books covering Japanese culture, manga, anime and music. If you wish to have a title reviewed on JapanVisitor. Translated by Hart Larrabee. JPIC, The traditional architecture of Japan is, not surprisingly, wooden, but also among the greatest wooden architecture in the world. What we are introduced to is 23 different structures from all over Japan that range in size from a simple ferryman's hut of just a tad over three square meters all the way up to the grand and imposing fortress of Matsumoto Castle.



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  1. Japanese culture has been called “the great unknown” by more than one Western historian. The nation combines all the mysteries of Asia in.

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