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My Life on a Plate by India Knight

Optioned for film and published in sixteen countries, this British sensation explodes the myth that all people need to be truly happy is love and marriage. Meet thirty-three-year-old Clara Hutt: irreverent, sometimes unkind, always self-deprecating. Clara is a part-time magazine writer with a perpetually mysterious husband and two small boys, and some days she wakes up with the feeling that her life isnt all it should be. Her extended stepfamily is forever making demands; her sons are constantly murdering each other; all the other mothers at the school gate are perfectly groomed, but Clara is in her pajama bottoms and her husbands sweater.
With razor-sharp wit and a healthy dose of insight into married life, India Knight takes readers on a continually entertaining ride through one womans bumpy search for fulfillment.
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Published 11.01.2019

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India Knight

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My Life on a Plate is the hilarious and moving first novel by bestselling author India Knight. Does secretly fantasizing about buying slut shoes and see-through tops make you a Bad Mother? What about wearing pyjama bottoms on the school run? Clare Hutt known to herself as Jabba the has put her foxy single days very much behind her rather like her cellulite , and has Got Her Man. She has a nice house, adorable children who only annoy her 90 per cent of the time, a large, eccentric and charming family, and an attractive but increasingly mysterious husband.

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Knight is against middle-aged women getting on top during sex. Now look down. India Knight is running late for this phone interview. It takes three calls to get her. Which makes sense because Knight specialises in the rush of prosperous, modern womanhood. Her columns in the Sunday Times are clarion calls of, well, clarity. In a confused world, Knight has very firm opinions.

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Great to have you on board Abby, do you know what you've let yourself in for??! We think India Knight has the most discerning tastebuds on earth - she loves our dressings so much she gave us a mention in yesterday's Sunday Times Magazine. Look out for it on the shelves very soon The Curd Herd…. This is the….

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