It is better to be kind than right

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it is better to be kind than right

Quote by Anne Lamott: “Its better to be kind than to be right.”

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Published 08.01.2019

Why Being Nice Is Actually Bad for You

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Tags: bettertobekind , kind , thrive. Hi, guys, thanks four joining me today on my live video. It seems that being right is almost like the natural reaction these days, always wanting to be right and show other people the error of their ways at almost all cost regardless of how it makes them feel or look. Social media seems to be good at making it so easy four us to be right and show the people how wrong they are regardless of how that situation might turn out. I think the internet, in general, seems to have a lot of that. That challenged me a lot and got me thinking especially when it comes to my commute to and from the office, cycling and running, and then interacting with other road users. I know in certain situations something can happen and fly off the handle.

We've created a culture where everyone feels entitled to comment on everything. We've become disinterested in gaining knowledge for knowledge's sake. Instead, we're more interested in following what a celebrity did on father's day or challenging someone else's posted opinion with our own. Social media has led this charge with an army of Social Justice Warriors in pursuit of some moral victory. We all want to prove we know things, but we forget the importance of our own ignorance. We forget that it's better to be kind, better to inquire than it is to be "right. In the video above by the RSA author, producer, and comedian John Lloyd challenges us to embrace our ignorance.

Say what? When I first heard that comment, I was stunned. I even remember feeling sorry for the guy who volunteered that insane statement. And, while we could disagree over ideology, I carried the secret belief that I was RIGHT and they were, at best, misguided, or simply dumber than dirt. Is dirt dumb? I better Google it!


Are we so insecure that hurting relationships is a worthy consequence to feeling justified? - Are you someone who wants -- even needs -- to be right most of the time? All of the time?

Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens. Scott Fitzgerald. I keep this quote as the background on my phone because it is significant to a mindset and lifestyle change I have taken the past year. I've written before about why I stopped talking about politics , and that for a variety of reasons. I didn't, and still don't like myself when I'm talking about politics, because "I'm right. I'm always right, and those heathens who think any differently are stupid, wrong, and need to be conditioned to think the same way I do.


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