Harry potter and the elder wand fanfic

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harry potter and the elder wand fanfic

Harry Potter and the Elder Wand by Fantasy Fiction

Just when Harry Potter and his friends think Voldemort has been vanquished and peace has returned to the world, they realize a new villain is gaining power. Rounding up the remaining Death Eaters and forging a new alliance with a race thought to be extinct, a foul dictator seeks to repair the Elder Wand to be used once more.

Harry will be challenged in a way he never has before, and without the wisdom of Dumbledore to guide him. Unfavorable alliances and sacrifices will be made for the greater good. Harry, Hermione and Ron will face a kind of evil that wears a kind face.

The face of Dolores Umbridge.
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The Elder Thieves (Harry Potter Fan Film)

Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Breathing heavily, Harry slowly stood up, with the pain in his lungs pounding The Elder Wand was gripped tightly in his fist by his side, his knuckles Dear Mr. Potter.
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Harry Should Not Have Tossed the Elder Wand

Hi there, so I always thought that Harry would be nuts to just put the elder wand back into Dumbledore's tomb, especially after everyone heard everything during the final dual, and I also thought that being possibly the most powerful wand in existence that there would be more at play. Harry desperately wanted to put the Elder Wand back into Dumbledore's crypt and never use it again, but something made him hesitate, worried that he was making the wrong decision. He agonised over what to do, not talking to anyone about how he felt, Ron and Hermione's reactions to the wand after he had defeated Riddle showing him how it would be regarded by everyone else, making it, in his mind, unsafe for others to know his doubts. He wanted to make sure that the Elder Wand would not continue its bloody path through the wizarding word, that it's' extraordinary power would end with him, but at the same time he had felt such exhilaration when he had used it that part of him wanted to keep it with him at all times, be able to use it whenever he wanted, to be the owner of the most powerful wand and have everyone know it. He sat at the Burrow, the wand in his mokeskin pouch, contemplating everything again, his mind a million miles away. It was some time before he realised that Arthur had walked in and was trying to talk to him. Is everything ok?

So Death crossed to an elder tree on the banks of the river, fashioned a wand from a branch that hung there, and gave it to the oldest brother Breathing heavily, Harry slowly stood up, with the pain in his lungs pounding against his chest. The distance he just ran without rest, or the number of wizards he had slain with dark magic mattered little to him, now.

Growing up, I had always believed that whatever J. Rowling wrote was law, but this question made me pause. In both cases, Harry claimed that no one should have that kind of power. In addition, he believed that if he were to die a natural death, the power of the Elder Wand would die with him. Ultimately, I believe that Harry did the right thing in disposing of the wand because in doing so, he essentially destroyed its power. Now, it has not been fully proven whether or not the Elder Wand really holds this immense power; however, it does have a bloody past, which holds its own malicious power.

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Synopsys: What if the combination of the Elder Wand and the removal of the Horcrux had unknown side effects on Harry that not even Dumbledore could have foreseen? Harry Potter was sitting alone by the Black Lake pondering the events of the past few days. Ever since the Final Battle with Voldemort, Harry felt lost and confused. His mind was clearer and he had been having strange and disturbing thoughts. With his mind free from Voldemort's influence, something he had lived with his entire life, Harry surprisingly felt a loss of sorts. He smiled as he began thinking about things, both muggle and magical, and for the first time in his short life, Harry experienced clarity and what he found angered him.

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  1. What if Harry had kept the Elder Wand? What if Ron had died instead of Fred? And what if Hermione loved Harry instead of Ron? Witness the.

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