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lewis and clark dog name

The Captains Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe by Roland Smith

Ive always had an interest in the Lewis and Clark expedition but it wasnt until I started working at Washington States Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment that Ive had access to so many different books on the subject.

I love animals and I loved hearing about Seaman (Captain Lewis Newfoundland dog) during the expedition so when I found this book at the Interpretive Center gift shop I had to give it a read even though its for young readers and Im an avid adult reader. It was an easy read for me but I think its a great book to get young readers into learning more about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The book takes key moments from the expedition and is written from Seamans point of view so it simplifies it enough for young readers to be able to understand and enjoy. I think of it as one of the first steps into reading about the Lewis and Clark expedition before going into the actual journals later on.

I highly recommend this book to young and old readers who want to know more about the Lewis and Clark expedition from a fun doggy point of view.
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Seamen, a Newfoundland dog, became famous for being a member of the first American Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery ate over dogs while traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail, but Lewis' Newfoundland dog Seaman was spared. Monture Creek) and concluded that the true name of the dog was " Seaman".
Roland Smith

Travel the Lewis and Clark Trail

Seaman, Meriwether Lewis' dog, was the only animal to complete the entire trip. He was a Black Newfoundland. Seaman was mentioned only occasionally in the journals. We have to imagine him riding in the boats or trotting along the shore and hunting with the men as they moved along on their journey, even though the men keeping journals did not tell us about his daily activities. Lewis first mentioned his dog in his journal entry of September 11, "I made my dog take as many [squirrels] each day as I had occasion for. They were fat and I thought them when fried a pleasant food. Many of these squirrels were black.

Jump to navigation. Michael Haynes. Used with permission. Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio: download instead mp3. Barking—"giving tongue"—just for the noise of it did not come naturally to the breed.

For many years the name of the dog was thought to be "Scannon". While deciphering the travel journals of Lewis and Clark a mistake was made because of the blurred ink. It was this error that influenced many Newfoundland dog owner to name their Newfs, Scannon. Custom Search. Seaman accompanied the expedition and alerted Lewis and Clark of unexpected guests.

In Lewis' handwriting was misinterpreted by a historian, and the dog's name was written as Scannon. Not until was the mistake discovered. Historian.
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Jefferson asked Captain Meriwether Lewis to head up a select group that partially consisted of U. Their primary goal was to explore and map the newly acquired territory and find a practical route across an essentially unexplored part of the continent. It was a risky journey, and no one could predict how long the Corps would be gone. The group planned to depart from St. There is no record as to why Lewis selected a Newfoundland—whether it was simply a dog that caught his attention or whether he selected Seaman because the breed is known for being smart and strong with good swimming ability.

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