Robbie from angus thongs and perfect snogging now

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robbie from angus thongs and perfect snogging now

On the Bright Side, Im Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God by Louise Rennison

As seen on The Readventurer

The only thing I am going to say here is that Dave the Laugh is the best boyfriend ever. I have no idea why, for so long, I thought the Sex God Robbie was a good choice for Georgia. Dave is a total dream boat...

...and yes, I know I am twice his age.

This snippet is for my present and future entertainment:

8:35 pm
You can make a sort of nose sling out of pair of knickers [panties:]! Like a sort of antigravity device. You put a leg hole over each ear and the middley bit supports your nose. Its quite comfy. Im not saying that it looks very glamorous. Im just saying its comfy.

8:40 pm
Its not something I would wear outside of the privacy of my own bedroom.

8:45 pm
Its a good view from my windowsill. I can see Mr. Next Door with his stupid poodles. Hes all happy now that Angus has gone off poodle baiting in favor of the Burmese sex kitten.

8:46 pm
Oh hello, here comes Mark, my ex, the breast fondler. At this rate he will be the one and only fondler. I will die unfondled. He must be coming home from footie practice. I dont know how I could ever have thought about snogging him; he wears extremely tragic trousers. He is looking up at my window. He has seen me. Hes stopped walking and is looking up at my window. Staring at me. Well, you know what they say - once a boy magnet always a boy magnet. Im just going to stare back in a really cool way. All right, Mr. Big Gob, Mr. Dumper. I might be the dumpee but you still cant take your eyes away from me though, can you??? I still fascinate him. Hes just looking up at me. Just staring and staring.
Mesmerized by me.

8:50 pm
Oh my god! I am still wearing my nose hammock made out of knickers.

8:56 pm
Mark will tell all his mates.

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Georgia and Robbie (Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging)

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Louise Rennison

What are the cast of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging doing now?

Forget Clueless , Mean Girls , Bring It On , and every other teenage movie that made growing up seem weirdly glamorous, because the true experience for most millennials out there was much closer to Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Who knew? After remaining our number one celebrity crush for a solid three years straight, Aaron went on to conquer Hollywood with a series of film credits including Kick-Ass , The Illusionist , Nowhere Boy , and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He also tied the knot with director Sam Taylor-Wood in Despite some serious investigative journalism, nobody really knows what Manjeeven is up to these days. She appeared in School of Comedy back in but has since retreated from the public eye and is hopefully living her best adult life on the DL. She earned a spot in iconic movie Wild Child and appeared as Josie in Channel 4 drama Fresh Meat between and

Let's hope they're all still sticking on their boy entrancers. Since filming Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging , Groome has appeared in a few short films and TV shows but has mostly focused on stage acting. She also got an English degree from King's College London in In he married director Sam Taylor-Wood. Henshaw played J. Grewal appeared in School of Comedy in , but appears to have stopped acting since then.

It's been eight years since we all watched the ups and downs of Georgia Nicholson and her friends on the big screens and we sort of wondered what the cast were up to these days. So we decided to take a trip across the internet to find our favourite girl group and the boys who they were after. As leader of 'the Ace Gang' Georgia was all of us, and we kind of wish that the we had the life of the real-life Georgia who played her. We pretty much all know what happened to Aaron Taylor-Johnson after this film, right? In he played John Lennon in a film called Nowhere Boy. The film's director, Sam Taylor-Wood and he started a relationship and nowadays they're married with two kids which makes us feel really, really old.

The movie hit cinemas in 2008

The Circle viewers praise Georgina Aurelia for raising awareness about Crohn's disease. Dancing On Ice confirm the latest celebrity taking to the ice is a footballer. Love Island's Chris Hughes candidly reveals infertility fears. How has that happened?! It's still perfect hangover film material.

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