Blood moons and jewish history

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blood moons and jewish history

Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change by John Hagee

I have made the statement before that I dont read enough nonfiction, and when I do, it is rarely prophecy books. This one sounded very intriguing, so when I got the chance to review it, I decided to go for it.

Ive never read anything by John Hagee before, but its obvious that he knows his stuff. This is a fascinating book, and thought he did a great job of laying out the information he had, I cant put it into my own words to explain it, so youll have to read the book to understand it for yourself. :-)

He makes a great case for something big happening to Israel some time in 2014-2015. As I said, I cant explain it, but it has to do with four blood moons appearing in relation to the Jewish calendar. He shows times in history when the same phenomenon happened and what was going on with Israel at the time, and it was always something major. I am admittedly a bit of a skeptic with this kind of thing, but Hagee made a believer out of me, and thats not easy.

In addition to laying out his case for something happening in the next two years with Israel, Hagee also gave a lot of history of the persecution of the Jews. Maybe I have just been out of school for too long, but there was a lot of information that I dont remember, such as how much the Jews were persecuted and tortured in Spain, how much the British helped Hitlers cause, and more. I was again reminded that the Jews are Gods chosen people, and Hagee helped cement my belief that God will bless those who are good to His chosen people.

I dont often read a book like this in one sitting. That happens with suspense novels, but this book reeled me in and I read through it in one evening, and found it to be a very fascinating and enjoyable read, and one Id recommend for anyone interested in end time events, and Israels place in the world and end time events.
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The Blood Moon And Jewish Destiny

Century’s longest ‘blood moon’ stokes doomsday fears

Does that have any significance? Is this something to worry about? I have seen some religious groups claim that this is a sign of terrible calamities to come. There is much discussion in the commentaries about the meaning of this prophecy. Many explain it to be allegorical. However, the biblical commentator Rabbi David Kimchi known as the RaDaK , — explains that when there is a total eclipse, the moon appears dark; however, when it is only partially covered, it appears red like blood, symbolizing the fall of the wicked. A blood moon is indeed an omen, but an omen of the downfall of the wicked.

The blood moon prophecies are a series of prophecies in the Bible preached by Christian preachers John Hagee and Mark Biltz, which state that a tetrad (a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses—coinciding on Jewish holidays—with six full moons in between, Jewish and Israeli history that were originally tragic, yet followed by triumph.
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To some Christians, the answer will be as clear as the moon in the sky. During this lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth catches the refracted sunlight, casting a reddish sheen upon the moon. Christians who draw a divine connection to the celestial show are citing the Bible's Book of Acts , in which God says:. The sequence of four consecutive blood moons known as a tetrad has occurred several times before, in , , , , , and This cycle, the four blood moons will all take place on religiously significant dates for the Jewish people. The third will come on April 5, , during next year's Passover celebration, and the fourth will arrive on September 28, , another Feast of the Tabernacles, also known as Sukkot.

On the evening of Jan. Today such a spectacle provides good opportunities to judge the clarity of our atmosphere based on the brightness and color of the eclipsed moon, to observe the Earth's shadow passing over prominent lunar craters, and to simply stare into the sky at a beautiful celestial show. But eclipses in the ancient and not so ancient past often terrified onlookers, who viewed them as evil omens. Sometimes they were used as benchmarks to date historical events, and one eclipse helped to better understand a now well-known concept of meteorology. Here's a look at famous lunar eclipses from days gone by.

This is the significance of four blood moons happening closely together coinciding with Jewish feasts; Passover and Sukkot. NB: In a blood moon, the moon disk is not blacked out but turns into blood coloration. A moon turns into blood in a lunar eclipse. And I will show wonders in the heavens…. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars…. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

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