Hidden doors and secret passageways

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hidden doors and secret passageways

Whats the Name of That Book??? - Suggest books for me: Looking for recommendations: Books involving secret doors/rooms/etc (spooky or mystery) Showing 1-42 of 42

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Published 19.12.2018

The Secrets Hidden Behind The Murphy Door

Check out some of the coolest examples of secret doors that we've gathered for you and don't tell us that you never wished you had such rooms.

7 Secret Passageways & Hidden Doors

There is a secret door in this room in the home of an NFL football player in Texas. The secret door leads to a hidden entertaining room complete with a dance floor. The door leads to a secret panic room where the owner can go to be safe in the event of a home invasion. The woman stepped out from the shower in her Denver home built between and and started to slip on the wet tile. She grabbed a towel rack for support but instead got a surprise: The rack swiveled down and clicked, activating a segment of the wall.

Hidden doors, secret rooms and secret passageways are a common element in fiction as well as in history. They have enabled people to hide treasure, escape from enemies or carry out religious, political or illegal activities without detection. Medieval castles often had secret hidden doors and hidden passageways to provide an escape route in case of an enemy siege. Other hidden doors concealed secret passages leading down to underground water sources which provided access to drinking water during a prolonged siege. Before and during the Civil War era, hundreds of runaway slaves were shielded behind hidden doors in safe house rooms in private homes.

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All Rights Reserved. Gallery of Doors Please click any picture below to view more units. When inquiring on design please indicate the image number. Happy Viewing! The purpose of the first door was to hide an unsightly laundry room from public eye. The parent company of Hide A Door was first opened almost two decades ago, specializing in custom trim packages for high end homes.

If you won the lottery and could build your dream house, what would it include? You may or may not hit that big jackpot, but who knows? Maybe you could wind up with a house that boasts obscure entrances, clandestine corridors or hidden hallways. One of the classic wood and fabric wall panels in this gorgeous home theater is actually a doorway to another room. The lower panel even flips down to offer a step up into the passageway:.

Like something straight our of Narnia, this wardrobe is actually a secret entrance to a playroom. The owner of the house had the wardrobe and figured he might as well add a touch of magic to the house for a pretty amazing result. Well this one is orderable from Creative Building Resources. CBR's elaborate hidden door features a programmable, scrolling LED sign built into the top of the frame, while the interior of the hidden door functions like your traditional ticket booth. For those who intend to staff the ticket booth, or at least fill it with a costume-draped dummy, the interior is accessed through a full sized cabinet door at the back. Not sure about your neighborhood, but mine has strict codes about what you can and cannot do to the facade under our historic preservation laws.

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  1. Or so we thought until we came across these awesome photos of projects completed by Creative Home Engineering , a company that specializes in high-end secret passages.

  2. As the only company in the world that builds hidden doors with a security focus, every secret door comes standard with a robust locking system.

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