All of space and everything in it

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all of space and everything in it

Everything You Know About Space Is Wrong by Matt Brown

Matt Brown goes where no one has gone before to bring us an entertaining compendium of amazing facts about our planet, the universe, and everything in between!
Think that the vacuum of space would make your blood boil and your head explode? (It won’t.) Or that astronauts float in space because of zero gravity? (No—they’re not floating, they’re falling.) Thanks to sci-fi films and TV shows, most of us have many misconceptions about the cosmos—from traveling through wormholes to blowing up asteroids. Chock-full of facts about the universe and how it works, this illuminating book guides you through the mine of misinformation to answer such questions as whether we will meet aliens in our lifetime (SETI predicts well find evidence of ET by 2040!), what happens in the center of the black hole, and why Mercury is not the hottest planet in the solar system.
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Published 18.12.2018

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All of space and everything in it?

A theory of everything TOE is a hypothetical framework explaining all known physical phenomena in the universe. Researchers have searched for such a model ever since the development of quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein's theory of relativity in the early 20th century. Each of these pillars of modern physics describes its respective area of inquiry — the very smallest and the most massive things in the cosmos — with astounding accuracy, but both quantum mechanics and relativity fail when applied to each other's subject matter. So far, an overarching theory of everything has eluded scientists, and some believe the ultimate goal is unrealistic. He had never fully accepted the strange paradoxes of quantum mechanics, and he believed that the mathematics describing electromagnetism and gravity , the only two forces known at the time, could be combined into a single framework. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are just details. But Einstein's quest proved quixotic during his lifetime.

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Ask an Expert. From the infinite curiousity you feel scanning the skies on a starry night to your plans for terraforming on Mars, there are questions on space, the universe and everything astronomical. Is there anybody out there? What I can't get my head around is how the process could go from nothing to the start of the Big Bang. How can one have nothing and then suddenly all the necessary materials that produced our universe?

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