Difference between elect lady and first lady

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difference between elect lady and first lady

Home again, and: The elect lady by George MacDonald

Incredible insights into the destructiveness of greed in a variety of forms. When one character is confronted with this sin, it leads to his death; the other destroys his romantic prospects due to his shady speculations for the sake of gain. In the meantime, two women undergo transformations further up and further in to the company of the elect. One must learn that her station is ultimately meaningless, the other must learn that the man she loves is not enough to get her through an unfair trial, but that she must rely solely upon the presence of God.

Great G. Mac lessons here! If you like him, youll like this one. I wish there was more brogue; Dawtie lapses into it sometimes, but I was wishing to immerse my reading experience in it.
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To The Elect Lady

“An Elect Lady”

Joseph was now twenty-five years of age and Emma twenty-six. There the Prophet met and courted her while he was working for Josiah Stowell. It is reported that Emma was a beautiful woman with an attractive personality, and she had the reputation of being a refined and dignified woman who was an excellent housekeeper and cook. Her Methodist upbringing had helped her develop a great love of music. The first three years for the newly married couple were indeed tense and trying ones.

A church's first lady is commonly the senior pastor's wife. A position of authority such as this requires the first lady to perform a host of duties. Most of the duties and responsibilities are over areas of the church that concern the females of the congregation. The most important duty of the church's first lady is supporting the senior pastor. The support she provides includes following the pastor's instructions, openly agreeing with his decisions and encouraging the pastor.

I find it annoying and obnoxious when preacher's wives are called that. I've never heard that before. I've only heard "Mrs. I've heard it. I'm Baptist and the head of the church is called Pastor while their wives are called "The First Lady of the church". Don't know why or who made that rule, but I've heard it all my life. It's only used though if it's the Pastor's anniversary or the church anniversary though.

Notes and Commentary

Mattie Moss-Clark, who saw the gift of singing and preaching in her at an early age. My mom was a stickler for making sure we rehearsed before we went out to perform. She saw the gifts and talents within us and started shaping and molding us.

Operating in that vain will only lead to you becoming resentful of the church and ministry. She should be willing to listen, give sound spiritual advice, and love unconditionally as Christ does! She should be willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, provide comfort to those who are hurting, and encouraging to those in dispair. She should teach and encourage the saints to worship and praise the Lord. Everything else will fall into place if those fundamental foundations are established first! How were your duties and responsibilities established for you?

Did he write to a particular, prominent woman in the local church or was his precious letter addressed to the church itself that John represented as a lady? As the Bible was written by plain men for plain people, that they might understand it in the most common-sense way, the explicit language John uses implies that the woman he addressed was prominent in the vicinity of Ephesus, and being of a most worthy Christian character, she was worthy to receive an exhortatory epistle from him. We concur with the statement of Dean Farrar in his commentary—. I take the letter in its natural sense, as having been addressed to a Christian lady and her children. Some of the children the Apostle seems to have met in one of his visits of supervision of the churches of Asia. They may have been on a visit to some of their cousins in a neighbouring city. There are several features of this Christian woman, who was well known, and well-loved in the local church.


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  1. what my duties or responsibilities as First Lady/Elect Lady (FL/EL) are. their Pastor/Husband and participating in a few church ministries.

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