Dragonwings chapter 4 questions and answers

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dragonwings chapter 4 questions and answers

Dragonwings (Golden Mountain Chronicles, #5) by Laurence Yep

Moon Shadow was eight when he sailed from China to join his father Windrider in America. Windrider lived in San Franciscos Chinatown and worked in a laundry. Moon Shadow had never seen him.

But he soon loved and respected this father, a man of genius, a man with a fabulous dream. And with Moon Shadows help, Windrider was willing to endure the mockery of the other Chinese, the poverty, and the longing for his wife and his own country to make his dream come true.

Inspired by the account of a Chinese immigrant who made a flying machine in 1909, Laurence Yeps historical novel beautifully portrays the rich traditions of the Chinese community as it made its way in a hostile new world.

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Chapter 4 - The Book of Dragons


Moon Shadow thinks that the opium dens are kind of scary and evil. He says this on page " Lastly, also on page 92, it says "The air itself was thick with the smell of opium and with stale sweat and vomit and urine. I think that Moon Shadow was nervous approaching and now for the "1st time" hearing him. Moon Shadow doesn't like opium because of the odor it brings to the room.

Grade 9 English. Moon Shadow and his Mother love to fly the kites his Father made and left for him. Moon Shadow makes the decision to go to America as his Father has requested. Hand-Clap takes Moon-Shadow to America by boat where he must successfully cross through customs. Moon Shadow meets his Father for the very first time at the end of Chapter 1. They travel together through the city toward Chinatown. Moon Shadow observes that there are no women visible in the streets.

For the next year, Moon Shadow helps his father pick up and deliver the laundry they clean. Windrider speaks English the best among the men of the Company and therefore he is asked to deal with the demons the most often. At the same time, all the men of the Company work with Moon Shadow on not only learning English, but also to learn to read and write his own language. There is a school for the Tang children, but the school is inferior so Moon Shadow spends most of his time learning independently at home. During this first year as well, Moon Shadow learns that his grandfather was not just arbitrarily killed by a group of demons, but that he was killed because he fought back when a group of demons threatened to cut off his queue, his pony tail Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

Chapter 4, Tests Summary

All rights reserved. He considers the men his brothers more than his business partners or friends. The narrator details his daily routine, which is not much different than the long hours he kept on the family farm in China. Other than chores, Moon Shadow goes to a special school for Tang children that is really underfunded and crumby Tang children aren't allowed in school with the other American children. It's much more effective for Moon Shadow to learn from the Company. Throughout the day, Uncle and Windrider talk with Moon Shadow in English as much as they can, referencing the demons' magazines and newspapers. In school with the other Tang children, Moon Shadow learns about the Chinese classics.


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  1. See if you can remember the important events and characters in chapter 4 of summary of chapter 4 through the provided lesson, Dragonwings Chapter 4.

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  3. Chapter 4 of Dragonwings is filled with action and character development. Let's read about how Moon Shadow settles into his new home and begins to learn more about the demons' city and inventions. Chapter 4 kicks off the rising action in the novel Dragonwings by Laurence Yep.

  4. Answer three questions from each chapter by writing the question, question number, Chapter 4. 1. Why does Father think Moon Shadow should go with him on.

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