Who is sauron and saruman

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who is sauron and saruman

Character profile for Saruman from The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, #1) (page 1)

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LOTR - The Two Towers - Saruman's Speech (HD)

Both have overconfidence in their abilities. Both desire power and domination. Both were servants of Aule. Both were capable of a wide variety.
J.R.R. Tolkien

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Sauron is only able to maintain a stunted and broken form, which means that he spends the entire trilogy in Mordor, even though his presence is felt throughout the story. The absence of the main villain from the story meant that someone else had to pick up the slack and that role fell to Saruman. Saruman was one of the five Istari who was sent to Middle-earth to help the mortals fight Sauron. Saruman would eventually become obsessed with the art of ringcraft and would seek out the One Ring for himself, turning his back on both his former allies and Sauron. We see Saruman bring industrialization to Middle-earth, as he transforms nature into an engine through which he can breed an army. In many ways, Saruman is worse than Sauron, as Sauron was influenced by Melkor, while Saruman was simply consumed with greed and a lust for power.

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Tolkien 's The Lord of the Rings. In the same work, he is identified as the Necromancer , mentioned in Tolkien's earlier novel The Hobbit. In Tolkien's The Silmarillion published posthumously by Tolkien's son Christopher Tolkien , [4] he is also described as the chief lieutenant of the first Dark Lord , Morgoth. Tolkien noted that the Ainur , the "angelic" powers of his constructed myth, "were capable of many degrees of error and failing", but by far the worst was "the absolute Satanic rebellion and evil of Morgoth and his satellite Sauron". The being later known as Sauron originated among these as an "immortal angelic spirit".

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