The setting sun and the rolling world questions and answers

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the setting sun and the rolling world questions and answers

Waiting for the Rain by Charles Mungoshi

waiting for the rain is a beautiful book. it explores the nature of life itself in a unique kind of juxtaposition. its simplicity exudes a type of complexity not quite easy to explain. mungoshi speaks of how we all have felt at some point in our young lives. we want to leave home, we want to move out of the familiar zones in which familiarity has easily caused discomfort and a deeper yearning for more. he highlights, quite brightly, the ambitions of youth, the feeling of a parents effort not being enough. the complexity of wanting to move on with ones youthful life while not really wanting to disappoint the fearful father and fragile mother who are ever protective of their offspring is explored in a manner that sings of melancholy. i loved and still love this book.
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The Setting Sun and the Rolling World

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Thank you. The story is about the relationship between father and son. Old Musoni and His son Name and their family are poor. Old Musoni works on farm. He wants to know where his son will go and be safe. He has to release him.

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  1. The Setting Sun and the Rolling WorldDRAFT. 3 years ago 10 QuestionsShow answers Q. How does Old Musoni feel about the world outside of his farm?.

  2. 6 QuestionsShow answers. Question 1 answer choices. He believes he does What point of view is "The Setting Sun and the Rolling World". answer choices.

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