Work hard and be nice to people

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work hard and be nice to people

Work Hard And Be Nice To People: Motivational Notebook, Journal, Diary by Martin Coat

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WORK HARD AND BE PATIENT - Best Motivational Video for Success - Gary Vaynerchuk Motivation

Work Hard and Be Nice to People

Graphic artist and print maker Anthony Burrill is known for his persuasive, up-beat communication. We caught up with Anthony to discuss his career, letterpress, and the inspirational messages in his work. In general, I find inspiration from other artists, music, landscape, and the everyday experience of being alive. As a youngster at school I would copy the logos of my favourite bands into the back of my exercise books. I experimented with collage at art school, using letterforms as abstract shapes to make my work. Gradually the words and their meaning became more important to me and became the main focus of the work.

The work of designer Anthony Burrill moves from traditional letterpress to experiments with digital technology. He has been described as the 'godfather of the graphic art scene' - referring to the trend for graphic designers to self-publish poster and graphic artefacts that are marketed directly to the public as opposed to being commissioned by commercial clients. Catherine Flood British Posters. Please confirm you are using these images within the following terms and conditions , by acknowledging each of the following key points:. Non commercial use only. Maximum copies, or 5 years digital use.

A simple statement really. One that the artist, Anthony Burrill, overheard as an elderly lady shared her life philosophy with the check out girl in a London supermarket.
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I admit it, I like to search for my own work on the internet. I like to see where my work goes, who uses it and what people think of it. It also helps my ego, which as a creative person is a fragile and delicate thing. However, there is a flip side. As part of my online monitoring regime I check Etsy every now and then to look for my work.

Set in Victorian wood type and turned into a poster by a print shop in his hometown of Rye, England, the phrase is part of a series of his simple, upbeat text-based works featured in the Walker exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production. Paul Schmelzer: One of the themes of the exhibition is how design has changed in the past decade. What changes have you seen? When I was at college in the early s, before websites were invented, you kind of made your work, and it only reached a handful of people. Burrill: Yeah!

To achieve breakthrough in our leadership, or in any endeavor, it stands to reason that we must work hard at getting better. And we have to learn, and strive, and grow. There is a higher ambition contained within the DNA of hard work that asks us to rise to the duty of helping those around us to be their best — in tandem with our own pursuit of personal growth. Every single day, that challenge for improvement begins with us. In each moment , we have to model the behavior of doing the hard work if we want the people we lead to do the same.

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