Trotsky their morals and ours

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trotsky their morals and ours

Their Morals and Ours: The Class Foundations of Moral Practice by Leon Trotsky

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Leon Trotsky - Soviet Politician - Minin Bio - BIO

Moreover they prescribe a simple but certain means of avoiding reaction: it is necessary only to strive and morally to regenerate oneself. Free samples of moral perfection for those desirous are furnished by all the interested editorial offices. The class basis of this false and pompous sermon is the intellectual petty bourgeoisie.
Leon Trotsky

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In his famous polemic on the nature of morality and its place in human society, Trotsky argues that morality is relative to each society, to each epoch, and is above all, relative to the interests of the different social classes. True morality should defend the interests of humanity itself, represented by the working class, and cannot be an absolute idea. Each situation must be analysed on its own merit. For example, if violence is used by a group as a way to defend the interests of the masses as a whole and wave the flag for the greater good then it is justifiable. In bourgeois democratic countries the interests of the ruling class are masked under an ideal morality, often stemming from religious teachings, in conformity with the well understood interests of the bourgeoisie. They claim that morality is an eternal and absolute ideal, whereas Trotsky argues that the only true morality comes in the form of the representation of the 'true proletariat'.

Often, these attempts to claim the moral high ground in order to sway public opinion rely on a conception of morality as a stable and timeless set of norms that rise above specific conditions. In reality, social definitions of what is moral and what is immoral are always hotly contested ideological battles. Today, George W.
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After Lenin's death, Trotsky was exiled for his opposition to Joseph Stalin 's policies. This was attributed to Trotsky in an epigraph in Night Soldiers: A Novel by Alan Furst but it may actually be a revision of a statement earlier attributed to Trotsky: "You may not be interested in the dialectic , but the dialectic is interested in you. It is best described by paraphrasing Trotsky's aphorism about the dialectic: "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. Misattributed [ edit ] You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. Quote: Polemos our genesis, governing us all to bring forth some gods, some mortal beings with some unfettered yet others kept bound. Quote: Heraclitus is well known for having allegedly said in fragment 53 that "war is the father of all things.


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