Ghost towns in ontario canada

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ghost towns in ontario canada

Ghost Towns of Ontario Volume 1 by Ron Brown

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Published 08.12.2018

How to find old abandoned mines in Ontario

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From coast to coast to coast, Canada is dotted by ghost towns, vacant testimony to our pioneering spirit and to dashed dreams. Many of their structures still stand, though in derelict condition, offering visitors haunting, often picturesque glimpses of the Canadian past. Giant Mine Town Site , located four kilometres north of Yellowknife, once housed the workers from the Giant Mine gold mine, which ceased operation in It was the site of a deadly bombing during a labour dispute that killed nine replacement workers in , and is currently an environmental concern due to arsenic tailings. Visitors who must seek permission to explore the site can walk among abandoned houses, barracks and disused playgrounds. The buildings in the townsite are in various states of disrepair and therefore due to health and safety concerns, public access is not permitted.

While abandoned buildings aren't your typical tourist attractions, they still attract visitors — especially photographers. If you're a fan abandoned places or fascinated by images of abandoned locations , we've got great news: there are plenty of abandoned places across Ontario. However, many people don't like to give out exact locations, so finding them can be difficult. But, just by driving around the province's back roads you're sure to stumble across something interesting. If you decide to explore any of these amazing abandoned places, take lots of pictures but be careful not to break any local laws. Here are 20 creepy but cool abandoned sites across Ontario.

Butedale, British Columbia

Exploring an Ontario Ghost Town

Canada is home to countless abandoned communities. In certain cases, as in some mining towns, the sole employers shut down and forced residents to leave communities, sometimes overnight. Not all ghost towns are completely abandoned; some are still home to stalwart residents who refuse to leave. Turn down a disused track and pull up in front of the shell of a once-hopping diner. Set the parking brake, turn off the engine, and step onto streets empty of activity. Who is brave enough to navigate the dusty alleyways, wondering if the footfalls you hear belong to other visitors or a dear departed soul?

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  1. The Canadian province of Ontario has a significant number of ghost towns. These are most numerous in the Central Ontario and Northern Ontario regions.

  2. There are several good reasons to visit a ghost town. Perhaps you're a photographer in search of a new site to hold a photo shoot; or you're an.

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