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allama iqbal poetry about pakistan

Allama Iqbal: Selected Poetry by Muhammad Iqbal

Serving as an introduction to the works, influence, and legacy of the Muslim philosopher-poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, this collection provides faithful translations that retain the special ornaments of Persian verse. This collection of the works of Iqbal, considered to be one of the greatest poets of the Urdu language, showcases the musicality of style and unique rhyme and assonance that has made his work memorable. A lengthy introduction, discussing the important aspects of Iqbals life and art, is also included.
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last words of allama iqbal poetry Urdu Ghazal for Pakistan - 9 Nov 2017

He is called the "Spiritual Father of Pakistan.
Muhammad Iqbal

Herald Magazine

And not only poets but South Asian intellectuals in general, among them even diehard ideologues standing tenaciously on the left side of the aisle, such groups too used to invoke this monumental literary personage all the time. I recall sitting in London with the well-known contemporary poet Iftikhar Arif who would recite Iqbal and explicate his poetic virtuosity for hours on end and he would do so with an inner glow and passion, passion that seemed to arise out of the depths of an articulate voice and a fine literary sensibility. In these poetic reminiscences, there were occasions when Faiz Ahmad Faiz too would join in. I recall Saqi Faruqi as well, an uncompromising follower in the footsteps of Noon Meem Rashid Rashid, who marks a daring new departure in Urdu poetry with an ambivalent and sometimes dismissive attitude to Iqbal and in this case too we see the embodiment of an irony. This now senior poet Saqi living in London used to speak to me every now and then about Iqbal. In Pakistan, and generally in all of the South Asian Urdu world, things were the same only the scale was higher. His poems would be set to music routinely by state electronic media.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a poet, philosopher, scholar, knight, politician and an authority on Islam all rolled into one single mortal being. His work inspired not only the birth of Pakistan, but also brought Muslims of his days out of ignorance, providing them with the confidence and guidance they needed to realise their true potential. But unfortunately, his message of Muslim brotherhood, self-confidence, knowledge and continuous progress has been forgotten by people of the land Iqbal first dreamt to establish. Taken from his poem Parinday Ki Faryad , the verse describes the agony and heartbreak of losing freedom with unmatched brevity. The poem relates how a bird in captivity yearns for its days of freedom. At the time this work was penned down, Iqbal was clearly trying to make Muslims of the sub-continent realise the importance of freedom and that no amount of luxuries in captivity could replace life in a free country. The message is as important today as it was back then, as most Pakistanis have forgotten the luxury that is a free country.

One of the greatest Urdu Poets. National poet of Pakistan who penned 'Saare jahan se achaa hindustaan hamara', and 'Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri'. KHudi ko kar buland itna ki har taqdir se pahle. KHuda bande se KHud puchhe bata teri raza kya hai. KHudii ko kar buland itnaa ki har taqdiir se pahle KHudaa bande se KHud puuchhe bataa terii razaa kyaa hai. Daa ho aazaad fikr se huu. Dii kaa mujh ko sahar-numaa ho phuulo.

Allama Iqbal




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