Hadith about friendship in urdu

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hadith about friendship in urdu

Prophet Muhammad Quotes (20 quotes)

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Hazrat Ali Quotes In Urdu About Friendship Part 1 -- Hazrat Ali Sayings -- Hazrat Ali Ke Aqwal --

It is often translated as friends and protectors, or allies. Abraham's people, whom he declared enemies in the above verse, did nothing besides idolatry according to the tafsirs.

Dost (Friends).

Calendar - Azaan - Urdu Keyboard. Hadith Bokhari and Hadith Muslim are world's most authenticated texts on words spoken by the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Read on Here is how you can do it in Internet Explorer Browser 5. Here is a collection of world famous 40 Ahadees in Urdu. For those who don't have much time to read the whole Hadith Bokhari or Hadith Muslim, this is a perfect leading collection of Ahadees that one can read within 15 minutes. Haya say acha kirdaar 20 Imaan Aur Istaqamat

Man is a social animal and to live and survive in life, humans have to interact and rely on each other. One of such relationships that humans value greatly is friendship. Friends are an integral and important part of life as they contribute heavily in what a person makes of his or her life. This is the reason why Islam also speaks about friendship. The lines below discuss the importance of friends in the light of Islam and what different criterions should a Muslim follow pertaining to the matter of making friends. Would that I had taken a way with the Messenger! O woe is me!

Friends. Everyone needs them, but not everyone has them. A friend should be more than just a person who you can hang out with at any time.
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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Sahih Bukhari urdu is a great collection of Ahadees , hadith collection for whole Muslim Ummah. It describes all sahih ahadees about important masail and fazail of Islam. Sahih Al bukhari hadith book contains principles of islam which lead to the Heaven.

A friend should be more than just a person who you can hang out with at any time — they should be a confidante and someone who can always give you the right advice no matter what. The relationship kept with friends is stressed very highly in our religion. Not only is it encouraged, but the importance of having good friends and surrounding yourself with good company is relayed to Muslims many a time. Always keep in mind that friendship is not only a social construct but a religiously significant relationship. And remember, Islam asks us to keep friends that bring us closer to Allah, and to make sure we treat them well. The Muslim Vibe is a non-profit media platform aiming to inspire, inform and empower Muslims like you.

Eh Imaan walo musalmano ko chor kar kaafiron ko Apna Dost na banao, kya tum ye chahtey ho ki Apney upar Allah ka sareeh ilzaam lo. Eh Imaan walo Yahud aur nasaara christian ko apna dost na banao wo aapas mein ek dusrey ke dost hain aur jo koi tummein se unkey saath dosti karega to wo unmein se hai , beshaq Allah Zalimo ko hidayat nahi karta. O you who believe! Do you wish to offer Allah a manifest proof against yourselves? And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya , then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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