How to talk to strangers about your business

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how to talk to strangers about your business

Talk to Strangers: How Everyday, Random Encounters Can Expand Your Business, Career, Income, and Life by David Topus

Connect to the world around you and realize the enormous potential in talking to strangers Everyday, random encounters really can change lives, when you make them happen the right way and leverage the connection at the other end. Talk to Strangers explains how to stand out and tap the potential of others by taking notice of who is standing alongside you on the bank line, the latte pickup point, or the ticket counter at the airport. David Topus life-changing message is that we should always connect, which means going beyond online relationships and engaging in the random, real-life interactions that have unlimited potential to supercharge businesses, accelerate careers, and enrich your life.

Why there is opportunity through the people you meet wherever you go The four key beliefs of successful random connectors Techniques for creating comfort and trust quickly with complete strangers How to optimize and monetize your newly-established contacts When you connect to those in your everyday world, youll discover the life-expanding potential of random encounters and unlimited opportunities.
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How to talk to strangers about Your Business!

How To Prospect Strangers With Your Network Marketing Business (Or Product)

But as entrepreneurs, as home based business owners, approaching strangers is how we can grow our business to amazing heights. But a large percentage of home based business entrepreneurs have a deep-seeded fear of approaching strangers about the business opportunity. This fear primarily comes in the fact that they just do not understand when, where and how to approach a stranger. I am tempted to tell you that the answer to this question is anytime. But I believe that may be slightly misleading.

Smartphone apps like Tinder and Hinge allows singles to live chat with others at the same party. If you have enough in common the next step is to walk over and meet them. This might work if you are a shy year-old. If you are a something entrepreneur and see a local influencer at a cocktail reception, you need to put away the phone and make the approach yourself. FYI: I did this to what I thought was my new brother-in-law at our wedding reception.

Two years ago, presentation coach Deborah Grayson Riegel attended a crowded networking event in New York. Wearing a unique necklace she had bought while teaching executive communications in Beijing, she decided to meet someone new by finding someone else with a bold piece of jewelry. Because I talked to a stranger, I ended up landing one of the best gigs of my life. Robinett used to consider herself shy. Working in management for a Fortune company, she says she hid in corners during big events. Ambitious and wanting to move ahead, she realized that making connections would be the key to her success.

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Small Talk - How to Start a Conversation - Tips and Tricks (animated)

In , Jessica was a staff member at a local university, and Matt was a computer programmer. Both had visions of becoming entrepreneurs. One night, Jessica attended a lecture given by Dr. Mohammed Yunus, founder of the now famous Grameen Bank , an institution in India that provides small loans to poor people without collateral. Yunus talked about people in poverty with such respect and dignity.

December 27, by Ray Higdon 2 Comments. Are you a nervous nelly when bringing up your business or product to new people? My wife, she used to work at the Nordstrom makeup counter. For that may not know, Nordstrom is kind of known for their customer service. Well, they teach at Nordstrom that when a potential customer is approaching you or you see a potential customer drop them a compliment.

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