I get too excited about things

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i get too excited about things

Excitement Quotes (197 quotes)

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Published 07.12.2018

What the Hell - VIDEO 2 - I get too Excited About Some Things

I never meet guys I like, so when it actually happens, I tend to move way too fast. These are a few of the unhealthy patterns I need to break, stat:.

How to Refrain from Getting Too Excited about Potentialities

Uma Sanghvi is an anxiety-relief coach. She uses trauma-informed techniques to help people overcome anxiety, stress and worry. They are both high-arousal emotions: in both cases our heart rate goes up, adrenaline gets released, we may sweat and all kinds of other physiological changes happen that can disrupt our sleep cycle. Being an empath means that I feel everything intensely. For a highly sensitive person HSP like myself, the volume is turned way up on emotions, sensations and information. For us empaths and HSPs, life is quite the adventure! When it comes to feeling joy, this means that I experience massive joy from the smallest things.

A lot has been happening in my life. Starting out, I would get overly excited about these opportunities. They would spark an excitement in me that, frankly, was hard to contain. When they fell through, though, I would be crushed. Experience has taught me better than to count on something like that for any measure of success and self-worth. Although you can be proud of yourself, self-worth comes from within. The point of all this is to say that getting too excited about potentialities can be dangerous.

Just want to let you know that my blog is no longer active. For more information, please see my last post. I have Borderline Personality Disorder , which is characterized, partially, by mood swings and intense emotions usually anger, sadness, or anxiety. But I think that more of my emotions are affected by my BPD than just the negative or destructive ones. I think that the good ones are affected too. Because I can get just as overwhelmed by my positive emotions as I can by my negative ones.

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If these adjectives were ever attributed to me, I would be terribly crushed. In fact, I spend a lot of time attempting to be aloof and disengaged, just to dissociate from the idea that I care a lot about many things., The state of over-excitement is a sign of inner restlessness and instability. This imbalance becomes evident when you notice that the states of over-excitement always create the opposite states of a real downer depression or frustration as the next cycle.


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