Quotes about student loan debt

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quotes about student loan debt

Student Loan Debt Quotes (4 quotes)

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Published 06.12.2018

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Soaring Student Debt Opens Door to Relief Scams

But there are some not-so-rosy sides to thinking about the future, such as considering the need for life insurance for college students. At a time when many young adults are entering school without a family or financial obligations, it may seem strange to consider a large life insurance policy. But what many parents and children do not think about is the situation where death could occur and large student loan bills could loom. In most cases, students heading off to college do not have a mortgage, a family to support or other financial obligations. In these cases, purchasing a large life insurance plan may seem strange. But as the cost of college increases, along with the amount of student debt accrued after four years of education, the reality is that losing a child or family member who has not repaid their student loans could leave you with a financial nightmare. This is especially true for family members who co-sign for students so that loans can fund their education; co-signers are often held responsible for remaining debt in cases where the primary borrower has stopped making payments, even in situations of death or disability.

In an appeal to younger voters, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, has proposed wiping out student-loan debt for good for millions of Americans. The plan would also spur an economic stimulus that would increase homebuying and create new businesses, Warren argued. Read more: Apple, Google, and Netflix don't require employees to have 4-year degrees, and this could soon become an industry norm. What's worse is that despite low unemployment, a significant number of graduates are working low-paying jobs , and their wage growth has stalled for years.

Can education be free? Yes and No, it really depends on the scale of the economy and the population of a country. There is this debate going.
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A fix for skyrocketing tuition?

On Monday, Sen. Read more: Elizabeth Warren just unveiled a plan to make public colleges free for all Americans. Progressive activists have cheered on the candidate's plan, which would also expand grants for low-income students and significantly boost funding for historically black colleges and universities. But the proposal has also been critiqued by conservatives, moderate Democrats, and some education experts, who say it's too expensive and an insufficient fix for the rapidly-rising cost of college. Warren's free college plan is premised on the idea that education — kindergarten through college — should be a public good.

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  1. Whether we are working to pay off student loans, credit card debt, paying for elder or childcare, or even trying to save for retirement, the idea of the American.

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