Short story about two lovers

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short story about two lovers

A Tale of Two Lovers (The Writing Girls, #2) by Maya Rodale

An incredible new talent, Maya Rodale continues her deliciously exciting “Writing Girls” historical romance series with A Tale of Two Lovers. Fans of the bestselling romance of Laura Lee Guhrke and Suzanne Enoch will adore this Regency Era-set love story from one of the most exciting members of the new generation of romantic fiction writers. A Tale of Two Lovers is a wonder, chronicling the deliciously passionate twists and turns that ensue when The London Weekly’s fearless gossip columnist, the “Lady of Distinction,” ruins her reputation by slandering the notorious Lord Roxbury, leaving them both no recourse except marriage…to each other!
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Published 06.12.2018

A Short Story Of The Two Lovers

Every Love Story Ends With Two Lovers Cuddling Into Ever-After Bliss

Add to Read List. This is the moment, the first time. Our young man is very nervous, not wanting to mess up. He walks her up to her door and she turns around and gives him that look that she has found the man of her dreams. He swallows, then smiles and leans in for a kiss that will be remembered for a life time.

We are at the Coffee Shop sitting opposite to each other, it is like any other day but still it is special, moreover it is different and a bit awkward. I and Ravi have been best friends since we were in fifth grade. We two never felt the need of anyone else, rather no one felt comfortable enough when we were together. We always had our secret jokes and we preferred to keep them secret. Because some jokes when explained loses its essence. Probably because I know that no one understands me better than Ravi, perhaps he feels the same. And first time in my life was I concerned on how I look, how I dress up while I am going out with Ravi.

I am captivated by how people in love just sort of mesh together. And when you talk to a couple, you can tell the second you meet them that they are together, because they laugh at the same time and they talk similarly. My friends who are in real love are so much better to be around. At the same time, being with a couple in real love is both scary and enticing. I like absorbing the warmth that radiates from them, but it feels like the warmth is not mine to absorb.

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It was drizzling outside. I drove the car through the occasional mist, climbing the winding roads up the high ranges. We knew it was our last journey together. The last time I would be taking her to her workplace. I remembered all the moments we had together from the moment I first met her. How happy we both were together! She belonged to a different religion and our parents denied our insatiable love and desire to be together.



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  1. Very short love story of two lovers meeting last time. The great Indian wedding cliche spoiled their relationship as she belonged to a different.

  2. Staring at the neck of his wagon mule, holding reigns loosely in each hand, whispering a song he had herd in an inn three nights ago, the merchant rode.

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