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babies i don t care about

Babies Dont Eat Pizza: A Big Kids Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters by Dianne Danzig

(Picture Book) I loved this book! This is such a good book for children who may be welcoming a new little brother, sister or any member of the family. It gives the whole point of view from a child’s perspective and is even very funny at times. I think it would be a good way to calm children down about the huge life event of a new baby. For example, some of the subheadings in the book are In the Beginning, where it describes how the baby grows in the womb and the whole process. Here at Last, Special Delivery, where the book talks about how babies are born. Your Basic Baby which shows a diagram of a baby and facts about its appearance, some are very humorous, such as “Wacky hair. It can fall out at any time.” Or “Fingernails and toenails are short, long, or in-between. How about a manicure?” What New Babies Look Like, What Babies Do, What Babies Like, and The One and Only You, which I love a lot because I know some children can feel neglected when a new baby comes along. In between all these subheadings are also mini headings that talk about playtime, and bath time, feeding, and even ‘baby talk.’ Although it is a light hearted book, this is a great way for children to ease into the process of their family adding a new member. It even includes Parent’s Tips in the back of the book. The illustrations are also very funny, and so well planned. They include babies with different nationalities and races. I cannot even imagine how this book could be any better.
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Badass Babies Who Don’t Care About Your Rules

Babies ‘don't count’ when calculating nurse-to-patient ratios

It's assumed, as a human universal, that babies are cute. Their fat cheeks, their ridiculous stomachs, their tendency to make giant toothless grins at nothing Or does it? In defiance of societal taboo, it's more and more common for people young women in particular to reveal that they do not, in fact, particularly like babies , and to question whether that means there's something wrong with them. The good news: It doesn't.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Serena Williams expressed a fear many pregnant women can relate to. I always ask, 'Am I going to be good enough? Many women believe that in order to be good parents, they have to be the kind of people who love being around babies, gush over kids, and always dreamed of having their own. But in reality, plenty of women who aren't baby people become moms—and succeed at it. And for the most part, [I] find lots of babies to be not cute, not that interesting, and pretty disgusting," Chandani, a year-old with a month-old, told Glamour. But also, I wish we would stop pretending like all babies are amazing all the time when a lot of them suck some of the time, and some of them aren't cute, and newborns are freaking weird alien creatures who make way too much noise while sleeping. This general dislike for kids actually gave Chandani a special bond with her daughter.

I can see it happening. Where did that baby girl go? I feel like our first son was just heading off to Kindergarten. I can remember how he held onto the door frame when I walked him in on that first day, and now he barely turns around as I drop him off for fifth grade. I can remember lying with our babies, when they were babies, for hours on end.

At some point, as is natural, your friends will pair off. They will then marry. And birth children.
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