Books about air force pararescue

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books about air force pararescue

Popular Pararescue Books

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US Air Force Pararescue Commercial

Priority Shipping dispatches available items first. Click for more information on our Delivery Options. An inside look at the Air Force's pararescue operations in Afghanistan chronicles the exploits of the 71st Rescue Squadron as the PJs rescue the crew of a crashed plane from a site 10, feet in the Hindu Kush mountains, make a nighttime parachute jump into the heart of an Afghan minefield, and take part in Operation Anaconda.
Jack Brehm

None Braver

Ever thought about getting little more out of your Air Force career? Or have you ever thought about risking your life to save another? The PJs are responsible for providing emergency and life-saving services to airmen, soldiers and civilians in both peacetime and combat environments. When a plane goes down in the jungle or ocean, it is the PJs who are there to find and save the pilots and crew. Pararescuemen truly live up to their motto, That Others May Live. This job is open to only enlisted troops.

All rights reserved. Master Sgt. Ivan Ruiz, one of the Air Force's elite pararescuemen, was awarded the Air Force Cross for saving two wounded during a raid on a Taliban compound in Afghanistan. For several years the Navy SEALs have reigned as media darlings, with dozens of insider books published by former operators and Hollywood movies dramatizing their exploits. But the Air Force has its own group of special operators, the Pararescuemen or PJs—highly trained medics and fighters whose job is to rescue injured military personnel and occasionally civilians from battlefields and other extreme environments. Their exploits almost never become public, but recently the Air Force granted National Geographic a rare interview with Master Sgt.

The job of an airman includes a long list of responsibilities, and commanders want to ensure that their troops develop their minds along with their combat prowess. To help guide servicemembers in their training, the Air Force's top general, the Air Force Chief of Staff, publishes a list of various works to help guide members to topics relevant to the life of an airman. The list changes yearly and contains a multitude of works ranging from military-centric to advice on life and career skills. We went through and selected the 11 most important and interesting works in the list and offer a brief glimpse into each piece. The series offers a dramatic look into the personal lives of men at war, and the issues they face. The book was based on countless personal interviews with the men of "Easy Company," and the series continues in that vein with many interviews and recollections from the veterans depicted in the series. The interviews with the men , almost 60 years removed from the war they fought, sets the series apart as powerful filmmaking.

None Braver: U.S. Air Force Pararescuemen in the War on Terrorism Paperback – September 7, Never Quit: From Alaskan Wilderness Rescues to Afghanistan Firefights as. In he was embedded with Air Force Combat Search and Rescue forces in Operation Enduring Freedom to write.
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"Inside Combat Rescue" by National Geographic

Unparalleled access to the PJs, as well as to the courageous men and women who fly them where they have to go, often under enemy fire, allowed Hirsh to uncover incredible stories of courage. A cross between Green Berets and paramedics, Air Force pararescuemen--PJs for short--parachute or helicopter in, sometimes under fire, to treat and evacuate sick or wounded soldiers. Narrowly specialized, highly trained and bound by the credo"That Others May Live," PJs are the embodiment of the hyper-professionalism and leave-no-comrade-behind ethos of today's military. This gung-ho and often gripping account celebrates their exploits in the war in Afghanistan. Investigative reporter Hirsh loves to shoot the breeze with PJs while they regale him with anecdotes, brag about their maniacal training regimen and disparage other commando units, especially the Navy SEALs "We don't think the world revolves around us," says one PJ. Sometimes Hirsch lets his subjects go on too long, giving readers an all too vivid impression of a torpid day at the base.


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