Stories in bible about trusting god

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stories in bible about trusting god

Things Not Seen: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Trusting Gods Promises by Jon Bloom

True faith is hard. More than mere sentimentalism, faith often calls for a deep and resilient trust in God—especially when the going gets tough and the road is dark. In Things Not Seen, author Jon Bloom encourages readers with 35 imaginative retellings of stories from the Bible that illustrate the importance of living by faith. A follow-up to the author’s previous book, Not by Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith, this inspiring volume explores the lives of Abraham, Moses, Saul, John the Baptist, and more—helping readers remember God’s promises, rely on his grace, and follow his leading regardless of the circumstances. The book includes a foreword by popular author and blogger Ann Voskamp.
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LET GO of Anxiety, Fear & Worries: GUIDED MEDITATION Overcoming Trials, Finding Peace Trusting God

Bible Stories About Faith: 5 Great Scripture Summaries

For the past two chapters, Stephen has been before the Jewish high council the high priest, elders, etc. At the end of chapter 7, the people run Stephen out of town and stone him to death. Saul was in hearty agreement with putting him Stephen to death. Saul goes to the Chief Priest and gets arrest warrants for Damascus so he can arrest any Christians found living there and bring them to Jerusalem—presumably to face the same fate as Stephen. When Saul gets to the border of Damascus, the Lord hits him with such a blinding light it literally knocks Saul off his horse. Then Jesus tells Saul, who is now totally blind, to get up, go into the city and wait to receive further instruction. Now we come to my favorite part of this story.

In a world where most of us get beat up to one degree or another, many people come out of these beatings with a problem in being able to trust anyone else — ever again! Our neighborhoods are no longer as safe as they used to be. Bizarre, random, and senseless type crimes seem to be on the increase with all of the shootings that have occurred at our high schools, and now in our churches and in the courthouses themselves with the latest round of senseless tragedies that have just occurred. All of us, to one degree or another, have been wronged in some way throughout the course of our lives. And for some, these wrongs have been vicious, nasty, and sometimes extremely traumatic — especially those who have been victims of crimes such as assaults, robberies, and actual murders of close friends or family.

T he Bible is full of stories about faith. Here are just five of my favorites. Abraham is mentioned several times in the Bible for some of the great things he accomplished, but Romans 4 says that he was saved because of his faith and not because of this works. Hebrews 11 says that he followed God even though he was not sure where he was going. God gave Abraham the promise that the Redeemer would come through his family. Abraham and his wife Sarah were past child-bearing age when God gave them a child named Isaac.

The Bible is filled with amazing stories of faith that are beloved by Sunday School teachers and their students alike! But if you had to pick your top 10 examples of faith in the Bible, what would they be?
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The Woman Caught in Adultery

It could also work as a standalone activity in your Sunday School class. Everyday stories, like this one, can be used in conjunction with a Bible lesson to help children understand what a specific principle might look like and how it might be experienced and translated into everyday life… taking an abstract concept and giving them a concrete example. Being animated, using props, adjusting the length to fit the audience, and having children respond throughout the story will keep their interest and hopefully further their understanding and interest of important Biblical concepts. It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday. Hannah and her brother, Joey, ate lunch quickly because their parents had promised to take them on a bike ride that afternoon.



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  1. Gideon- Bible Story of Great Trust In God. After Israel inhabited the Promised Land God sent various prophets and leaders to speak His Word and lead the.

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