Amazing facts about sea creatures

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amazing facts about sea creatures

25 Spooky Deep Sea Creatures - Extraordinary Animal Photos & Facinating Fun Facts For Kids by Selena Dale

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Published 06.12.2018

20 Terrifying Things Found Deep Underwater

Sea Creature Facts for Children

Many fish are sequential hermaphrodites which are born as females and become male later on. Clownfish are all male except the largest one which becomes a female. A group of dolphins is called a pod, eel or oysters a bed, fish a school or shoal, jellyfish a fluther or smack, salmon a bind, draught or run, sea urchins a herd, trout a hover and turtles a bale, dole or nest. Moray eels are not aggressive when they open and close their mouth, they are actually just breathing. Whales make the loudest sounds underwater with dBs, the whistle can travel up to miles.

Many creatures live in the sea, including ones that most people have not even heard about. Some of these animals live deep in the sea, while others swim around only in the upper regions. Of the many sea creatures that exist, some of the best known are sharks, dolphins and whales. There are also bony fish and other creatures that live deep down and are rarely seen. Sharks are not always attacking people, as the media sometimes can make it out to be. There are many types of sharks, including the great white, mako, nurse shark, tiger shark, bull shark and the more unusual hammerhead.

Toggle navigation. Ocean Animals Facts Ocean animals, like land animals, exist in a wide variety of species. Ocean animals can include marine mammals, birds, fish, cephalopods, corals, sharks, and reptiles. The study of animals and other elements of marine biology dates back to Aristotle who lived from to BC. Edward Forbes, a British naturalist who lived from to is considered to be the founder of the science of marine biology, and from then on the discovery of life in the oceans rapidly accelerated.

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In celebration of the vast unknown of the ocean, we present our favorite ocean animal facts:. If you enjoyed these amazing facts about ocean animals, be sure to check out our other posts on interesting facts about the world and our collection of amazing facts! By Alec. Like this gallery? Share it: Share Tweet Email.

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