Quotes about sexually transmitted diseases

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quotes about sexually transmitted diseases

Stds Quotes (7 quotes)

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Published 05.12.2018

STD signs and symptoms - Testing and treating sexually transmitted diseases

“How is it that mankind can engineer condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs and not be able to invent some sort of emotional safeguard? Is it even possible to .

Stds Quotes

If you love something set it free, but don't be surprised if it comes back with herpes. Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent. Dream big and surround yourself with brilliance, even if you end up dressed up like a flower or a sexually transmitted disease. Sexually-transmitted diseases is caused by sexual activity and promiscuity it spreads diseases. That's been known, you know, about or years, that somehow these diseases are spread. If fault comes with people because of their personal behavior but it isn't to be placed on a burden on other people, innocent people, why should they have to pay for the consequences?

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "sexually-transmitted-infections" Showing of 2. As I was growing up, I also saw Dr Robinson, the marathon runner. Now that I was living back at home, he was again my GP. Child abuse will always re-emerge, no matter how many years go by.

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New CDC data for three nationally reported STDs — chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis — combined have reached unprecedented highs, and CDC calls for expanded prevention efforts in light of these increases. These high-resolution, public domain images are ready to download and print in your publication. Click on a graphic to see it in high-resolution. These images are in the public domain and are thus free of any copyright restrictions. As a matter of courtesy, we ask that the content provider be credited and notified of any public or private usage of an image. We must mobilize, rebuild, and expand services — or the human and economic burden will continue to grow.

I get tested for HIV twice a year One has to be socially aware. It's part of being a decent human to be tested for STDs. It's just disgusting behaviour when people don't. It's so irresponsible. I think most people are motivated to want to do what is best for themselves. People want to avoid STDs.

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