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write something about independence day

Independence Day by Richard Ford

In this second novel of Richard Ford’s Frank Bascombe quartet, I was drawn further into the microcosm life and lifestyle of not only the man, but also the macrocosm of America – the environment and history that parallels the structure of his life.

In this second novel Frank is experiencing what he calls his “Existence Period”, and I could sense the personal progress he made from what Frank labelled his “fugue state” in the previous novel. He is still an enigma in many ways, and his inconsistencies still present and accounted for, yet I couldn’t help feeling compassion for him despite his flaws – and admiration. He still glides over some of his flaws, finds rosy excuses for some aspects of his life, but he also faces and resolves some of his incongruence.

Frank continues to struggle, to experience inner battles between his baser self and his higher self. In some ways it is almost as though the blows life has dealt him over the past decade or so of his life sent him spinning into a second adolescence, and although his second visit to a bumbling and uncertain time of his life occurs in his early 40’s he is somehow less sure of how to find his way through than he perhaps was decades earlier.

Add to that the fact that he is a divorced man with two children and striving to sort himself out within a whole new framework, and Richard Ford’s skill adeptly molds this raw material into a fascinating character study.

In this novel, Frank’s ex-wife is re-married and his children even less accessible as the new family moves to a different State. Frank is no longer a sportswriter – or a writer of any kind – and has pursued a new career as a Realtor; one who sometimes winces when he is called a “realator” by his prospective customers. He also owns two small rental houses, consistent with his fresh perspective of helping others by finding them homes.

While this novel takes place over the course of one July 4th weekend, Frank’s thoughts and feelings, his attempts to piece together all the ragged edges of his life, all his efforts to make some pieces fit where they never could or should – all generates a long and psychologically fascinating read. Mix in an unexpected family crisis that drags him partway back into the fugue state he was in during the last novel, and it became evident to me why Richard Ford won the Pulitzer Prize for this novel.

I don’t know if this novel could be fully appreciated without previously reading The Sportswriter, but I suspect not. There is so much to be understood about Frank in the previous stage of his life that ties in directly to the stage he is in now.

These novels, each a pinnacle slice of life in one man’s quest for his human being-ness, are a mesmerizing and in-depth character study that gains breadth and depth with each successive book. I look forward to reading the third novel of this quartet in the very near future.
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Real-time brush lettering: Independence Day

Independence Day is annually celebrated on 15 August, as a national holiday in India commemorating the nation's independence from the United Kingdom on 15 August , the day when the UK Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act transferring legislative sovereignty to the Indian Constituent Assembly.
Richard Ford

Independence Day Essay

Independence is essential for every nation and its pupils in order to progress and prosper. Without a government of its own, a nation is like a slave who cannot functions or takes decisions for the wellness of its own people leading them to live a life of misery and sorrow under the suppressive rule of foreign invaders. Thus, Independence and self rule is given highest priority by every progressive nation in the world. Even the people of all cultures, class and religion acknowledge the significance of Independence and that it is mandatory for a happy and prosperous nation. India too gained independence from British Empire on 15 th August and thus it fervently celebrates August 15 as its Independence Day.

Below, we have provided some effectively written essay on Independence Day, which will be useful for school going children during Independence Day events.
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Happy Independence Day Messages

Short and easy essay on independence day for kids(Essay on 15th August)

Countless freedom fighters died, injured, jailed, and hanged before India gained Independence on 15th August Following are the 10 important lines on Independence Day which will make you understand the importance of this day. You can use these lines to deliver an inspirational speech on the occasion of Independence Day or write an essay on it which is one of the most common topics in essay competition. These lines are given in a very simple and easy language which is easy to comprehend. Please go through the below points and incorporate them in your writing to enhance them:. We have also given below an additional set of the 10 lines which will help you to enhance your writing by including these lines in your essays, speeches or short paragraphs.

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  1. Independence Day is annually celebrated on 15 August, as a national holiday in India .. The partition of India figures in a goo deal of imaginative writing.

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