Good things about being a surgeon

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good things about being a surgeon

Sweet, Savory, and Sometimes Boozy Cupcakes by Alison Riede

Review written for and published by Portland Book Review on November 23rd:

Sweet, Savory, and Sometimes Boozy Cupcakes is a cupcake cookbook for enthusiasts. The book is small for a hardcover, which means cooks will have more room on the counter for baking materials, and contains 50 different recipes. Every recipe has a picture of the cupcake, giving an example for decoration. The cupcake recipe is usually on one full page and the frosting on a facing page, although it may occasionally be on the next page. However, you’ll never have to flip the page in the middle of a recipe, which helps make baking a breeze. The book is broken into six sections, each focusing on a different type of flavor. The difficulty level varies, depending on ingredients and if the cupcake has a filling or an extra exotic topping.

This reviewer tried two different recipes to get a feel for the quality of the recipes within. The Pink Champagne Cupcake with Vanilla Champagne Buttercream frosting came out light and fluffy – a true melt in your mouth cupcake. The Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Salted Chocolate Frosting is understandably heavier, but has the perfect level of sweetness without being too much. The family loved both recipes, and this book has earned a permanent spot on our shelf.

Sweet, Savory, and Sometimes Boozy Cupcakes is a small but wonderful cupcake cookbook with such a variety of flavors that there is something for everyone – a perfect gift for the baker on your Christmas list.
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Johns Hopkins Surgeon: The Long Way Here - Kofi Boahene's Story

Surgeons are medical doctors who perform surgical procedures to treat injuries or health problems stemming from accidents or diseases. They use various types .
Alison Riede

The Job Advantages of Being a Surgeon

They may be handling life and death decisions at one moment and having wacky workplace hijinks the next. The reality of life as a surgeon is mixed. Yes, surgeons do save lives, but they also face burnout, depression and potential malpractice suits. There is a long path to becoming a surgeon. From there, you complete four years of medical school, during which you also need to take and pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination.

I never thought I would say this, but I broke. I give up. I am done. I surrender. I am handing back my dream of becoming a surgeon. I have nothing left to give. I started with optimism and zest.

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A Day in the Life of Neurosurgery Residents at Carilion Clinic

Becoming a surgeon can take over a decade of schooling to get full certification and potentially even longer to begin your true medical practice. Investing in medical school is not only a matter of time, though; the cost is also a factor you should consider before choosing to pursue your doctorate in medicine. Life as a surgeon also comes with some special stresses. Doing good. If you're the type of person who thoroughly enjoys helping others, this career path is chock full of the opportunity to provide service and support to others as well as saving lives. Regular career development. For those who value constant mental stimulation, few careers have practical skills that are applied as regularly as that of the medical field.

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