Sir gawain and the green knight quotes about loyalty

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sir gawain and the green knight quotes about loyalty

Green Knight Quotes (14 quotes)

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Gawayne and the Green Knight (FULL Audiobook)

After Britain was built by this founding father, a bold race bred there, battle-happy men causing trouble and torment in turbulent times.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

After claiming that the Green Knight looks like a giant, the poet goes on to reassure his audience that the Green Knight is in fact a human being, even an extremely good-looking one. With fair features and a form composed of clean lines broad shoulders tapering into a thin waist , the Green Knight cuts a beautiful figure. This style also lends a sense of foreboding to the Green Knight, who looks almost human, but whose gigantic stature and green complexion seem to associate him with the supernatural—and, worse still, with some kind of primitive evil. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotations Explained 1 There hurtles in at the hall-door an unknown rider, One the greatest on ground in growth of his frame: From broad neck to buttocks so bulky and thick, And his loins and his legs so long and so great, Half a giant on earth I hold him to be, But believe him no less than the largest of men, And the seemliest in his stature to see, as he rides, For in back and in breast though his body was grim, His waist in its width was worthily small, And formed with every feature in fair accord was he.

All rights reserved. Man and the Natural World Quotes. The horse that he rides [is] entirely of that colour,in truth. A green horse huge and strong,A proud steed to restrain,Spirited under bridle,But obedient to the man. There knights fought in tournament again and again,Jousting most gallantly, these valiant men,Then rode to the court for dancing and song.

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Quote 1: "And those who were standing watched, and walked Carefully near him, not knowing what he'd do - They'd all seen wonders, but nothing like this. And some said he was witchcraft, a phantom, And were afraid to answer him, then gasped at his voice And trembled, sitting motionless in that noble Hall, silent as stones, as corpses; All speech was swept away as if sleep Had dropped From the sky - but some Surely stopped Their tongues in courtesy, to do honor To Arthur, whose words should come first. Quote 2: "'Hah! Is this Arthur's house, hailed Across the world, the fabled court? Where have your conquests gone to, and your pride, Where is your anger, and those awesome boasts? And now the round table's fame and its feasting Are done, thrown down at the sound of one man's Words - and you sit there shaking - at words! Quote 3: "'Think of your bold knights, Bursting to fight, as ready and willing As men can be: defer to their needs.


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  1. The Green Knight 's challenge is thus a challenge not just to each individual knight but to the entire Arthurian chivalric code, and that code is shown to be hollow when none of the knights accept the challenge until Gawain , who identifies himself as the weakest of the knights, finally does.

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