Famous poems about betrayal of friends

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famous poems about betrayal of friends

Betrayal Quotes (895 quotes)

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Published 04.12.2018

Betrayal (a dark poem by Westley Nash)

The Betrayal Of Your Best Friend - Poem by hanad unknown

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Perhaps the most famous words in English literature speak of a betrayal of a friend. Julius Caesar is saying that if even his close friend Brutus is stabbing him, then he has no hope.
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The agony of the human condition! Report Reply. Great stuff, cut down the middle and left floundering. Seems like a very effective Reverse Psychology to me to attract attention from friends who start to ignore our presence. Very good piece though. Your wit and sarcasm made me laugh. Many of us have non-friends deserving of those exact words.

B etrayal of a friend's feelings, whether intentional or not, can rip friendship apart, and leave both feeling empty. I hurt someone I care about very much, and the pain was too great for her to bear. Her friendship is like a shooting star flaring briefly across the heavens, a moment in time that I will treasure forever. Maybe, with time, the garden where our friendship grew will blossom again. Do I respect her wishes and never talk to her again, or do I try to make things right?

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