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books about communism in china

Popular Chinese Revolution Books

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China: Communist or Capitalist?

The country is hard enough to understand without book publishers trying . Mao Zedong, the father of Communist China, organized the Great.
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Popular Chinese Revolution Books

Edgar Parks Snow 17 July — 15 February was an American journalist known for his books and articles on Communism in China and the Chinese Communist revolution. He was the first western journalist to give a full account of the history of the Chinese Communist Party following the Long March , and he was also the first western journalist to interview many of its leaders, including Mao Zedong. He is best known for his book, Red Star Over China , an account of the Chinese Communist movement from its foundation until the late s. Edgar was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Before settling in Missouri, his ancestors had moved to the state from North Carolina , Kentucky , and Kansas. He made a little money in the stock market shortly before the Wall Street Crash of In he used the money to travel around the world, intending to write about his travels.

If you are an author or editor and would like to include your book on ChinaFile, please email us. Skip to main content. Books Railroads and the Transformation of China is the first comprehensive history, in any language, of railroad operation from the last decades of the Qing Empire to the present. The railroads persisted because they were exemplary bureaucratic institutions. Pragmatic management, combining central authority and local autonomy, sustained rail organizations amid shifting political and economic priorities.

Make Your Own List. Former Beijing bureau chief of the Financial Times shares his insights on the Chinese Communist Party - from the absolute horror at the destruction of Maoist times, to Yao Ming, to political power structures and more. Richard McGregor is the former Beijing bureau chief of the Financial Times, and was a foreign correspondent in China and Japan for close to two decades. Your first book is Chinese Shadows by Simon Leys, published in Yes, Mao was still the cuddly guy in the Andy Warhol paintings and the visionary statesman who allowed Nixon to visit China. He was the man standing up in Tiananmen Square with 27, giggling schoolchildren waving their flags at him. But the truth, as we now know, was much, much worse.

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For two years, the award-winning journalist Hsiao-Hung Pai travelled across China, visiting labourers on Olympic construction sites, in the coal mines and brick kilns of the Yellow River region, and at the factories of the Pearl River Delta. A feminist Marxist, her literary, film and TV commentary has, over the last decade, addressed an expanding audience in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Hu Feng, the 'counterrevolutionary' leader of a banned literary school, spent twenty-five years in the Chinese Communist Party's prison system. But back in the Party's early days, he was one of its best known literary theoreticians and critics—at least until factional infighting, and his short fuse, made him persona non grata among the establishment. His wife, Mei Zhi, shared his incarceration for many years.

Mar 30, PM. Mar 31, AM. Out of that experience came Red Star Over China, a classic work that remains one of the most important books ever written about the birth of the Communist movement in China. This edition includes extensive notes on military and political developments in China, further interviews with Mao Tse-tung, a chronology covering years of Chinese revolution, and nearly a hundred detailed biographies of the men and women who were instrumental in making China what it is today. Apr 03, PM. It focuses on China's problems of development - the decay and collapse of the Chinese Empire, its failure to recover in the first half of the twentieth century, and its rapid emergence in world affairs since the Communist Party Revolution of

China is a place of contradictions and nuances. But I did have book recommendations—an iPad full of them. Some of those are included here. Whenever I walk down a Beijing alley, my mind flutters between thinking this country is about to regain its place atop world powers because of sheer scale—1. The third, Country Driving , provides an on-the-ground account of the rapid industrialization in China that foreigners often read about but rarely see. A bra-parts factory producing thin-steel rings for straps—and only those rings—is one of the memorable businesses. I know two people who loved this book: One was an experienced China hand who has worked in and out of the country for three decades; the other knew almost nothing about the country.

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  1. Afterlives of Chinese Communism comprises essays from over fifty world-renowned scholars in the China field, from various disciplines and continents.

  2. Discover librarian-selected research resources on Communism in China from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals.

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