8 facts about medieval knights

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8 facts about medieval knights

You Wouldnt Want to Be a Medieval Knight!: Armor Youd Rather Not Wear by Fiona MacDonald

You (the reader) are the son of a senior servant living in England in the 1400s. Instead of following in your fathers footsteps and becoming a servant, youd much rather become a knight! During your training and as you become a knight, you will discover the tools of the trade, such as your armor, weapons, and horse, and get a glimpse of what its really like to be a knight. After reading this book there will be no doubt in your mind that this is definitely armor youd rather not wear.
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CRAZIEST Facts About The Middle Ages!

10 Facts About Medieval Knights Proving They Were Jerks

Posted By: Dattatreya Mandal February 17, Whenever we talk about a medieval knight our reveries cling on to the resplendent image of a chivalrous warrior incredibly armored from head to toe, while being mounted atop a great warhorse. In essence, the role of a knight extended far beyond the battlefield, and ranged into seemingly mundane avenues like petty judges, political advisers to even glorified farmers at least in the initial years of 11th century. Now the knight of the middle ages was naturally not a unique creation of that particular period, but he was rather a result of centuries of influence and evolution that marked the social and military changes in Europe and even Asia. To that end, the ordo or order of knights harks back to a period which was far older than the established clergy of middle ages. So while some nascent aspects of knighthood were possibly influenced in a latent manner by the Romans, there were also differences between the two, especially in combat and military affairs. For example, while the equestrians mainly offered leadership roles in battlefields, the knights belonging to the middle ages also bore the brunt of fighting.

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Gallant, brave, loyal and honourable. All characteristics that came to be associated with an idealised conception of the knight in the Middle Ages. - Most deserve to be forgotten.

Being a knight during the medieval era might seem like a glamorous gig. However, the Middle Ages was an extremely violent time — and medieval knights did more than just protect castles. Modern-day romanticizations aside, being a knight was highly hazardous, even with the protection of full body armor. Imagine attending grueling, on-the-job training for 12 or more years just for the privilege of heading to war. Sure, the perks of prestige, acquiring free land, and getting cozy with married ladies were probably nice. But knights endured a great amount of sacrifice to reach their status — and often lost their lives.

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