What is armada by ernest cline about

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what is armada by ernest cline about

Armada by Ernest Cline

Zack Lightman has spent his life dreaming. Dreaming that the real world could be a little more like the countless science-fiction books, movies, and videogames he’s spent his life consuming. Dreaming that one day, some fantastic, world-altering event will shatter the monotony of his humdrum existence and whisk him off on some grand space-faring adventure.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little escapism, right? After all, Zack tells himself, he knows the difference between fantasy and reality. He knows that here in the real world, aimless teenage gamers with anger issues don’t get chosen to save the universe.

And then he sees the flying saucer.

Even stranger, the alien ship he’s staring at is straight out of the videogame he plays every night, a hugely popular online flight simulator called Armada—in which gamers just happen to be protecting the earth from alien invaders.

No, Zack hasn’t lost his mind. As impossible as it seems, what he’s seeing is all too real. And his skills—as well as those of millions of gamers across the world—are going to be needed to save the earth from what’s about to befall it.

It’s Zack’s chance, at last, to play the hero. But even through the terror and exhilaration, he can’t help thinking back to all those science-fiction stories he grew up with, and wondering: Doesn’t something about this scenario seem a little…familiar?

At once gleefully embracing and brilliantly subverting science-fiction conventions as only Ernest Cline could, Armada is a rollicking, surprising thriller, a classic coming of age adventure, and an alien invasion tale like nothing you’ve ever read before—one whose every page is infused with the pop-culture savvy that has helped make Ready Player One a phenomenon.
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Ernest Cline on ARMADA


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Look Inside. Jul 14, Minutes Buy. Apr 12, ISBN Nov 06, ISBN Jul 14, ISBN Jul 14, Minutes. Zack Lightman has never much cared for reality.

Thank you! Teenager Zack Lightman loves playing games online with his friends, although any similarities to teenagers of today end there. Now, Zack and his fellow gamers must step up and defend Earth for real. In the hands of a more skilled writer, the book could have drawn on familiar stories to launch into a new science-fiction adventure. Instead, it offers little more than interminable video game —style battles and timeworn tropes, including a plot twist that can be seen coming for miles. There was a problem adding your email address.

Armada is a science fiction novel by Ernest Cline, published on July 14, by Crown Publishing Group The story follows a teenager who plays an online.
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Wil Wheaton , who narrated the audiobook version of Cline's previous novel, Ready Player One , performs the audiobook of Armada as well. Zack Lightman, a high school senior with a reputation for getting into trouble, is one of the top players in the world of the video game Armada , an online combat flight simulation game in which the Earth Defense Alliance attempts to save the earth from extraterrestrial invasion. One day, Zack sees a ship outside his classroom window that resembles one of those from Armada , and returns home to look through his late father Xavier's notebooks about a conspiracy theory involving pop culture films Star Wars , Flight of the Navigator , The Last Starfighter , novels Ender's Game , and video games about alien invasions and military simulations. Later, at the video game shop where Zack works part time, his boss Ray surprises him with a fancy new controller for Armada as an early graduation gift. He tries it out on one of the new special missions on Armada that involves attacking the home planet of the aliens, but the Earth team fails. Ray is one of the passengers, and he invites Zack to join him at a top-secret military facility in Nebraska.

Added by 10 of our members. Armada A novel by Ernest Cline. From the author of Ready Player One , a rollicking alien invasion thriller that embraces and subverts science-fiction conventions as only Ernest Cline could. Zack Lightman has never much cared for reality. He vastly prefers the countless science-fiction movies, books, and videogames he's spent his life consuming. And too often, he catches himself wishing that some fantastic, impossible, world-altering event could arrive to whisk him off on a grand spacefaring adventure. So when he sees the flying saucer, he's sure his years of escapism have finally tipped over into madness.

That concept tapped into the hearts of nostalgic geeks, making the work of science fiction into a bestseller with a Steven Spielberg film in the works. For his second novel, Cline decided to do nearly the exact same thing. It turns out that this video game was invented by a secret military organization to train humans to use a drone army to stave off an invasion from Europa, a fact they reveal to the general public only after having players launch a genocidal mission to nuke the icy moon. This could have been a great setup to mock science-fiction tropes, but Cline instead plays them straight. Cline used his supporting cast in Ready Player One to explore the way people present themselves online and the complexities of family, body image, and gender, but here the only facts he feels necessary to relay about the other players Lightman fights with are their names, place of origin, and sexual orientation.

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