I think about you like poem

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i think about you like poem

Love Poem Quotes (269 quotes)

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Published 01.12.2018

Akua Naru - Poetry: How Does It Feel Now??? (Live Performance) - aikikenkyukaibogor.com

And poets think about flowing. I'm thinking about you like Bankers think about loaning. And renters think about owning. And stoners think.

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I like you because you make me smile, you make me laugh, I enjoy being around you. I like you because you bring me happiness, I like happiness. I do wish to know you well, and to know what you are like, and to know the life in your eyes and what caused their twinkle to infect an innocent bystander like myself. I do wonder what makes this seem so connected. And in the soft songs I sing.

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Prev Poem. Next Poem. I always think of you. In my sleep, in my dreams, I always think of you. All night all day, hoping you're all right, I always think of you, Wishing that you were thinking of me too.


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