Science about life after death

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science about life after death

Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science Of What Happens When We Die: Why Science Is Taking The Idea Of An Afterlife Seriously by Anthony Peake

Do you occasionally have that strange feeling known as deja vu? Do you sometimes feel that you know what is going to happen next? Do you ever have a strong feeling that actions you are about to take are the right (or wrong) thing to do? All these perceptions may be everyday clues to your immortality.

This book proposes a simply amazing theory, based upon solid scientific evidence: a theory that states that personal death is a scientific impossibility. Using the latest findings of neurology, quantum physics and consciousness studies, this book suggests that we never die. After reading this book you will understand the reason for your life and how you can make it better next time.
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Neil deGrasse Tyson on death and near death experiences

Journal of Near-Death Studies. The evidence for an afterlife is sufficiently strong and compelling that an unbiased person ought to conclude that materialism is a false theory. Yet the academy refuses to examine the evidence, and clings to materialism as if it were a priori true, instead of a posteriori false.
Anthony Peake

Has science explained life after death?

My Mom had outlived nearly everyone of her generation and some of mine. Before she died I started a picture book to help preserve memories of her. I dug up and scanned old hardcopy photos, made a genealogy tree, and consulted clippings, letters, and scrapbooks. The images did not speak for themselves, so half the book was narration, organized around time periods, ancestors, and significant others. It was a lot of work, and her loved ones treasured it.

Science suggests 'no' but maybe these kind of things are beyond what we can prove? This needs some more thought…. Humans have always been fascinated with death and the idea of coming back to life. But is it really possible to come back from the dead? And what's the difference between a living creature and a dead body anyway? Randall Hayes delves into the scientific theories that seek to answer these age-old questions.

Consciousness after death is a common theme in society and culture in the context of life after death. Scientific research has established that the mind and consciousness are closely connected with the physiological functioning of the brain , the cessation of which defines brain death. However, many believe in some form of life after death , which is a feature of many religions. Neuroscience is a large interdisciplinary field founded on the premise that all of behavior and all of the cognitive processes that constitute the mind have their origin in the structure and function of the nervous system , especially in the brain. According to this view, the mind can be regarded as a set of operations carried out by the brain. There are multiple lines of evidence that support this view. They are here briefly summarized along with some examples.

What is death?




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  1. In new research which blurs the line between what it means to be alive and what it means to be dead scientists have discovered that genes continue to function in the body after a person has popped their clogs.

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