Bad things about a utopian society

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bad things about a utopian society

The Giver - The Giver is a Utopian setting. Showing 1-50 of 54

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Published 02.12.2018

Jordan Peterson - Why Utopia is Impossible

Imagine the perfect world, the ideal: the utopia.

The Inherent Flaws of Utopia

Utopia gets a bad rap. But everyone, it seems to me, should envision an ideal world, one much better than ours. Even if you doubt your utopia is attainable, it can serve as a useful thought experiment. Imagine a really good world, and imagine how we can get there. All progress begins with such wishful thinking.

No-one knows when it started, but the idea of the “perfect society on earth” As a matter of fact, conservatives have always found utopianism.
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Speculative and practical utopias

Plato on Utopia and the Ideal Society

Utopia , an ideal commonwealth whose inhabitants exist under seemingly perfect conditions. Hence utopian and utopianism are words used to denote visionary reform that tends to be impossibly idealistic. The order and dignity of such a state was intended to provide a notable contrast with the unreasonable polity of Christian Europe, divided by self-interest and greed for power and riches, which More then described in Book I, written in England in The description of Utopia is put in the mouth of a mysterious traveler, Raphael Hythloday, in support of his argument that communism is the only cure against egoism in private and public life. More, in the dialogue , speaks in favour of mitigation of evil rather than cure, human nature being fallible. Written utopias may be speculative, practical, or satirical.

Utopia focuses on equality in economics , government and justice , though by no means exclusively, with the method and structure of proposed implementation varying based on ideology. But if used wrongly, it becomes dangerous. Utopia has an inherent contradictory nature here. Sargent argues that utopia's nature is inherently contradictory, because societies are not homogenous and have desires which conflict and therefore cannot simultaneously be satisfied. If any two desires cannot be simultaneously satisfied, true utopia cannot be attained because in utopia all desires are satisfied.

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