What do my lips say about me

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what do my lips say about me

Lips Quotes (170 quotes)

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Published 02.12.2018

What Your Lip Shape Says About Your Personality

Scientists Reveal What the Shape of Your Lips Says About You. 0 If your lips are like this, then you may have spent a lot of time when you were a child feeding stray kittens or helping at animal shelters .. Or as a website user aikikenkyukaibogor.com

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Can your pout tell you about your personality? Jilly is the founder of Lipsology , the art of reading and interpreting lip prints. People with this lip print are authorities in their field—when they speak, people listen. But Jilly says that this natural authority hides a hidden soft side. Learning how to ask for help from others, or just knowing when to let things go, is very helpful. Triangle-shaped lip prints indicate that from a solid base, these people point others in the right direction.

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Your lip print is more useful than leaving behind a sexy stain on your Starbucks cup or leaving a this-is-so-embarrassing mark on your nephew's cute chubby cheeks. In fact, they actually reveal a ton about your personality. And since we're as curious as a smelly cat Friends reference —anyone? So go and layer on your favorite shade for ultrasoft lips, we're obsessed with GLAMGLOWs new Lip Duo—a fizzy lip treatment for exfoliation, and lip balm for tons of moisture , grab a piece of paper and pucker up. Then take a look at the list below to find out what your kisser says. You're open to new experiences and love to find random of-the-moment adventures.

Lipsology, is the science of lip analysis. According to the ancient Chinese skill of face-reading, your lip features link to your identity. Everything from the size, shape, fullness and contours of your lips are related back to what type of person you are. The shape of your mouth determines how you relate to people, while your lip print reflects your temperament. Lips are often the first feature we notice on someone, since the way we speak and use our words show our level of confidence and self esteem.

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