Excited for or excited about grammar

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excited for or excited about grammar

Grammar Quotes (240 quotes)

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Published 02.12.2018

Excited or Exciting?

An Argument for Exclamation Points (!!!)

Alex from Israel writes:. Hi, Roger. I'd like to ask a very simple question. How do I say:. It's very interesting to me.

Skip to main content. We use words like very , really and extremely to make adjectives stronger:. It's a very interesting story. Everyone was very excited. It's a really interesting story.

It sounds wrong to me as well. The phrase is being spread at a furious rate by entertainment writers. A gaming site called NeoGAF seems especially determined to spread the abomination. Google tracks 8, examples from that site. Otherwise, standard usage calls for excited about , as in these examples in which the writers including entertainment writers got it right:. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day?

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See comments. The English language has a lot of adjectives. Some estimates put the number at several thousand. And while those numbers may sound frightening , adjectives can be exciting! In English, many adjectives come from verbs.

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