Why nasa lies about flat earth

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why nasa lies about flat earth

Nasa Lies (Author of Flat Earth)

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Published 01.12.2018

This Flat Earther Thinks NASA is Lying to You

Why NASA Keep Lying To The World, According To Flat-Earthers

An updated version by Live Science staff was republished on May 30, Members of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat. The belief that the Earth is flat has been described as the ultimate conspiracy theory. According to the Flat Earth Society's leadership, its ranks have grown by people mostly Americans and Britons per year since Judging by the exhaustive effort flat-earthers have invested in fleshing out the theory on their website , as well as the staunch defenses of their views they offer in media interviews and on Twitter, it would seem that these people genuinely believe the Earth is flat.

Join Nasalies. With over a thousand items available in store. Join the Master Digital Printer on Instagram. Catch us on youtube with Activism and more. Brother Ernest was a Flat Earther since NASA Lies is a non-profit educational organization.

Modern flat Earth societies are organizations that promote the belief that the Earth is flat rather than a globe. Such groups date from the middle of the 20th century; some adherents are serious and some are not. Those who are serious are often motivated by pseudoscience or conspiracy theories. Through the use of social media, flat Earth theories have been increasingly espoused by individuals unaffiliated with larger groups, many of which have members from several countries. Modern flat Earth belief originated with the English writer Samuel Rowbotham —

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Flat Earth The Truth You Need To Know - Flat Earth Theory Easily Debunked

This week, The Flat Earth International Conference took place in North Carolina — attracting a swarm of people who genuinely believe the Earth is some sort of pancake thing. Then feel your jaw hit the floor as you realise how many people there are who genuinely believe all space missions are fakes, NASA is a fraud and all world governments are lying to us. Why is it not wobbling? He even claims to be warming to the idea of a global conspiracy to conceal the truth something that Flat Earthers are naturally very fond of. This is why all governments now have bases on the South Pole.

The Flat Earth Society is founded on the belief that the Earth is flat and not a sphere. The Flat Earth conspiracy theory was popularized in the 's. In , Elon Musk announced that Space X will launch commercial space flight to the Moon for "as little as one-thousand dollars pre-passenger. The Flat Earth Society said that the Mars landing will be a hoax like the moon landing. After over 15 years of development, Space X had successfully launched a group of 23 to the Moon and back to Earth.

Who says so? Followers of the Flat Earth movement, who attended a conference in Shropshire at the weekend to discuss their theory that the Earth is like a dinner plate. And the odd idea is gaining momentum following hit Netflix documentary Behind The Curve. Famous followers include former boxer Carl Froch and rapper B. Mark, 51, who has just finished a European tour taking in Stockholm, Dublin, Belfast and Cardiff, thinks we live on a flat disc covered by a dome — a bit like a snow globe. The year-old, from Bristol, delivered the opening lecture on Saturday in a darkened hall at a Christian centre in the village of Cleobury Mortimer. The theory rests on the idea that Nasa — and all the other space agencies — have been faking images of Earth.

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