Make your own steam whistle

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make your own steam whistle

The Steam Whistle Theatre Company by Vivian French

The wonderful adventures of a family theatre-troupe, touring Victorian England by train – a high-octane, high-drama romp, with a colourful company of characters.

Dark and deadly deeds, piratical plots, lost heiresses and poor little orphans – Vivian French conjures up the very spirit of Victorian theatre in a fabulous new novel for middle-grade readers. To avoid financial ruin, the Pringle family’s theatre-troupe has left London behind, travelling to the north of England by train. With new audiences to play to, and less competition, they hope to make enough money to pay off their debts back home. But will their plans be foiled by the odious Olio Sleevery? It’s time for young actors Rosie and Charlie to save the day, and, with the help of their new friend Edie Boiler, ensure the thunderous success of the companys first performance.

A wonderful gallery of eccentric characters and an exuberant plot with a twist at the end ... this is storytelling at its theatrical best!
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Homemade Brass Steam Whistle

A steam whistle

A steam whistle is a device used to produce sound with the aid of live steam , which acts as a vibrating system [1] compare to train horn. The whistle consists of the following main parts, as seen on the drawing: the whistle bell 1 , the steam orifice or aperture 2 , and the valve 9. When the lever 10 is pulled usually via a pull cord , the valve opens and lets the steam escape through the orifice. The steam will alternately compress and rarefy in the bell, creating the sound. The pitch , or tone, is dependent on the length of the bell; and also how far the operator has opened the valve.

Discussion in ' Plans ' started by nev , Jan 24, Log in or Sign up. Home Model Engine Machinist. Suggest the new Project of the Month, Click Here! Jan 24, 1. Joined: Nov 8, Messages: 22 Likes Received: 0. Can anyone point me in the direction Or does anyone have Plans or drawing for a steam whistle.

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Make a Whistle From Spent Shell Casings: First and foremost this Instructable inspired by Mrballeng and his whistle. Really like the idea, made a few by.
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Step 2: Making the Insert

This instructable shows how to create a simple whistle out of 1" diameter PVC pipe. The general design used here is not my own, as I have relied on many sources from the internet and elsewhere. This is just my particular implementation of this simple whistle design. I have included more detail on the construction and performance from my own experience in building it. I have also included some optional features of my design, such as an attachement for use with an air compressor, and a moveable slide that allows the pitch can be changed. By adjusting the length from the opening to end of the pipe, the pitch can be increased or decreased.

My first thought was to make a version of the wooden block whistles I remember from when I was a boy. To make the whistle pictured, I used the following tools. Alternative suggestions follow in brackets. The length of each pipe is what determines its pitch, and the right combination of lengths will provide a pleasing harmony. Ream or file the ends of the pipe so that there is no constricting bur left on the inside. The copper pipe can also be polished bright with a bit of metal polish and elbow grease.

One day, while taking and old steam boat on a lake, I saw a nice steam whistle installed on top of the main stack. One has to say that steam whistles rarely go unnoticed. A nice black-painted chime whistle composed by two simple organ-pipe resonators that make such a typical sound in a cloud of steam pictures below. Wow, I said, I want to build one of those, just for fun. The next day I built a prototype with PVC pipe and some corks based on the same principle of the organ flue pipes; there are some minor differences with whistles, like the shape of the mouth of the mounting of the resonator, but the principle is the same and was good enough for me. The figure above shows how it works: the gas steam or air entering the foot is forced though the windway where it accelerates due to the small cross-section. The jet of gas crosses the mouth and impinges on the lip where turbulence occurs.

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  1. One has to say that steam whistles rarely go unnoticed. A nice black-painted chime whistle composed by two simple organ-pipe Building a simple whistle.

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