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avengers age of ultron extras

Marvels The Avengers - Age of Ultron Prelude by Will Corona Pilgrim

Collects Marvels The Avengers 1-2, Avengers: Cinematic Infinite Comic 1, Avengers (1963) 57-58, Avengers (1998) 22, Avengers (2010) 12.1.

The Avengers make their explosive return to the big screen this spring, and weve got everything you need to prepare right here! First, relive the historic first meeting between Marvels mightiest heroes as Lokis plot to gain ultimate power sparks a worldwide manhunt, a vicious battle against the invading Chitauri in the heart of New York City and the founding of the mighty Avengers! Next, thrill to an all-new Infinite-style adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! What world-shaking threats have the Avengers battled since their last film? And can anything prepare them for the looming peril of the mad mechanoid known as Ultron? Plus: Thrill to classic adventures as Ultron manipulates the Vision, conquers a nation and battles the Avengers!
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Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Featurette - Costumes

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Amazing look behind the scenes at the making of Avengers: Age of Ultron

There's a lucrative home media market in the film industry that allows consumers to purchase their favorite films on a variety of platforms and watch them over and over again. And often times, those releases come with bonus materials that cinephiles and die-hard fans fawn over. The Blu-ray will also have the typical behind-the-scenes bits, as viewers will be able to see a "making of" documentary and a look at the film's various shooting locations around the world. It will also be fun to check out the deleted scenes and gag reel, as these staples of home media releases are frequently entertaining and provide plenty of laughs. He had an interesting process making the film to say the least, saying in multiple interviews that the project burned him out physically and mentally. Chances are he won't say anything too controversial on an official Marvel Studios home release, but hearing the director speak about developing the movie should be an intriguing look behind the curtain as Whedon prepares to leave the studio behind. The special features that are being offered seem to mix the amusing with the informative for a complete package.

This article lists the various background character deaths that occur in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It is unclear if the soldiers are killed or simply knocked out. Thor knocks a HYDRA jet-pack trooper out of the sky before beating down three on the ground with a metal girder.

The second Avengers film, again helmed by Whedon, sows the seeds of doubt that the MCU is heading down, while keeping the action high, the characters strong, having a worthy opponent and allowing the wit of the script to shine through. As a 4K UHD set, the package from Disney is frustrating: the picture, even for a 2K up-scale, is stunning: bright, bold colours, deep blacks and fantastic whites with excellent detail. The extras package is the same that has been available before: light and fluffy but the commentary is worth it. Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges. Forums New posts Search forums Featured.

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Our exclusive dvd and Blu-ray clip shows Joss Whedon directing some of the new characters on set. We see them both interacting with James Spader who voices the big baddie Ultron, as well as donning a rather snazzy motion-capture suit to film the scenes. - Sign in.



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