Tunnels of moose jaw history

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tunnels of moose jaw history

Tunnels of Time: A Moose Jaw Adventure by Mary Harelkin Bishop

Designated an Our Choice title by the Canadian Childrens Book Centre.
Thirteen-year-old Andrea Talbot doesnt want to go to Moose Jaw for her cousin Vanessas wedding. Shes going to miss a really cool bike trip and shes not taking it very well.
At a family dinner party in a local restaurant, Andrea agrees to look at what she thinks is just a phony tourist attraction: the tunnels beneath the streets of Moose Jaw. Legend has it that in Prohibition days the tunnels sheltered crooks, maybe even the notorious Al Capone! Andrea scoffs, until she has a small accident at the tunnel entrance and wakes up in another time.
Unable to return to the present, Andrea is caught up in a dangerous underground adventure. A teenage boy, Vance, finds her a job: working as a courier for the very criminals whose existence she dismissed - including their menacing leader, a man she knows only as Scarface. When she overhears information about a police raid, Andrea has to decide what to do. Should she help Scarface escape? Or should she help Vance, running for his life after a run-in with Scarface? And whatever she decides, will Andrea ever get back to the present?
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Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw tunnels reveal dark tales of Canada's past

That changed on my most recent prairie road trip when I took time to go into the city and take one of the tours offered by the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw was founded in when the Canadian Pacific Railway made it a divisional point and built freight yards and repair facilities. Another railway link was completed in the Soo Line from Chicago. So where do the tunnels come in and what are they? They are passageways and corridors connecting basements, storage rooms and hidden chambers. They were covered up for years, although rumours existed about their existence and there were differing stories about their purpose and use. A few tunnels have now been rediscovered.

In , the Tunnels of Little Chicago, a non-profit company, opened its doors.
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A backpackers travel guide to Canada

Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw is a small city in south-central Saskatchewan. Throughout Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw is known as a retirement and tourist city, and is more or less a central hub for farms and small rural communities surrounding the area. Some residents have noted that this is similar to being the skinniest kid at a fat camp. Whatever your opinion is, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit every year. Engineers who looked after this heating system in the basements decided to create a network of tunnels linking the buildings together, so they can easily move themselves and their equipment from building to building without freezing in them gosh darn cold prairie winters.

She opens a door that leads from a waiting room above a modern downtown restaurant into a s-era "speakeasy'' occupied by a bartender and a piano player who's pounding out a ragtime tune for a solitary and besotted patron slouched over a table. Fanny seats her "bootleggers" at surrounding tables, requests and receives silence from the piano player and introduces the bartender. That would have been pretty good advice for any bootlegger visiting Moose Jaw back in the s. Then, this little prairie city was the hub of a mammoth liquor distribution network that funneled booze south into an America parched by Prohibition During Prohibition in Saskatchewan , meanwhile, speakeasies and "blind pigs'' flourished in Moose Jaw, particularly on notorious River Street.

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  1. The Tunnels of Moose Jaw is a year-round attraction in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan located along the TransCanada highway that provides guests with History.

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