A child called it chapter summary

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a child called it chapter summary

A Child Called "It" (Dave Pelzer, #1) by Dave Pelzer

This book is very likely made up from start to finish. The events in it read like Pelzer imagined the worst child abuse possible and then said, And it all happened to me! Yeah, right. His brother and grandmother said in an interview that it was all rubbish, too, which casts more doubt upon the whole thing. Pelzer also bought his own book in bulk so the sales numbers would put it on the bestseller list -- he just doesnt have a whole lot of credibility. Perhaps worse than the fact that Pelzer is, shall we say, probably somewhat fluid with the truth, is the fact that hes a dreadful writer. I no longer own the book (didnt put it through a shredder, like I did with A Million Little Pieces, but I got rid of it as quickly as I could), so I cant list any examples here, but I do recall that Ive seen better writing in sixth-grade themes.


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A Child Called "It" Summary and Analysis of Chapter 1: The Rescue

The nurse notices the many bruises and scratches on his body, and alerts the principal, who calls the police. Dave loves his Mother and Father , who works long hours as a firefighter. Mother is a kind, loving woman, and treats him with great warmth. As time goes on, however, Mother begins drinking more. She also becomes more and more overtly abusive to Dave. One night, while Father is out of the house, Mother hits Dave, seriously hurting his arm. Mother takes Dave to the hospital, falsely claiming that Dave fell out of bed.

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This chapter begins by showing the abusive relationship between Dave and his mother. She checks his body for other marks and sees the scar on his chest where his mother stabbed him. Dave is panicking because he does not want his mother to find out that he has told on her.
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Chapter summaries Chapter 1 I t is early morning and Dave is trying to deal with his angry mother, who hits him in the face because he has taken too long washing the dishes. She hits him again and then storms out of the kitchen. Suffering from a hangover, his mother drives him and his older brother to school. She tells him to tell the school administrators that he ran into a door. At school, a nurse examines Dave, not for the first time, noting the bruises on his face and arms.

He is late, and thinks about how he needs to finish the dishes on time or else not get breakfast, which is important because he had not gotten dinner the night before. But he does not finish in time, and his mother comes charging into the kitchen and smacks him, screaming. Eventually he finishes his chores and he is given breakfast: leftovers from his brothers' cereal bowls. He eats this quickly before his mother can change her mind. He usually runs to school, but today his mother drops him off because he had been late with his chores.

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