Why is a pound called a quid

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why is a pound called a quid

Quid Pro Quo (The Administration, #2) by Manna Francis

When he agrees to do a favor for his old friend Liz Carey in Corporate Fraud, Para-investigator Val Toreth is hoping for a simple case. After all, kidnapping and dismemberment are all in a days work for the Investigation and Interrogation Division. But in the European Administration, simplicity is often a dangerous illusion, and anyone who goes looking for trouble in the corporate world is certain to find more than they bargained for. Fraud, sabotage, espionage, blackmail, decades-long vendettas, and murder--the more powerful the corporations, the darker their secrets. Corporate insiders and innocent bystanders alike are all too easily caught up in the conflicts, but when suspects can hide behind money and power, what chance is there of any justice?

And on top of everything else, Toreth also has to deal with Keir Warrick. But thats easy. Thats just sex.

The sequel to Mind Fuck, this second book in the Administration series contains the novella Quid Pro Quo, as well as five short stories set in the near future dystopia of New London and centered around professional investigator and interrogator Val Toreth, and technical genius turned corporate Keir Warrick.
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That Time Someone Burned a Million British Pounds for... Reasons

Pound sterling

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If you read a novel set in Great Britain, whether it is a romance novel or a classic by Charles Dickens, you will come across references to money. The monetary system of Great Britain can be very confusing to the average American reader, especially since the system until fairly recently, was not a decimal one. The reader will come across words like pounds, shillings and pence, but just what were they, how did they relate to each other, and what in the world did regency bucks mean when they talked about betting a monkey on a prizefight? Pound: A pound was the basic unit of currency. It came in the form of a paper bill, called a note, or a gold coin, called a sovereign. The slang term for a pound is a quid and there are other slang terms for various amounts of money that a reader will come across in historical novels. A monkey is pounds, a pony is 25 pounds.

Quid is well-known, slang expression for the pound sterling, or the British pound, which is the currency of the United Kingdom. However, the exact etymology of the word as it relates to the British pound is still uncertain. Quid, as it describes one pound sterling, is thought to have first come into use sometime in the late 17 th century, but no one is quite certain why this word became synonymous with the British currency. Some scholars believe that Italian immigrants may have originated the word thanks to "scudo," the name for gold and silver coins of various denominations that were used in Italy from the 16 th century through the 19 th century. Another possibility is that the word traces back to Quidhampton, a village in Wiltshire, England, that once was home to a Royal Mint paper mill. Today, the U.

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  1. Among other currencies, the United Kingdom's sterling pound, meanwhile, is colloquially called a quid. And why is that? For the origin of this.

  2. Seeking for a common unit of exchange plugs of (chewing) tobacco called a QUID gradually gained poularity. Etymology of this is thought to be "cud" (as in.

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