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mark sargent flat earth net worth

Flat Earth Clues: The Skys The Limit by Mark Sargent

The Flat Earth Clues book gives you 12 compelling reasons why you should rethink the globe model that you have been taught.

Before you were born, before your parents, your grandparents, before you even had a family line
There was the illusion, the trick, the lie... That you lived on a small spinning rock, flying through space.

You thought it was true, because children dont believe in lies. And you grew up, and it was still true, because science is never wrong...
Except for small things like, Lead Gasoline, Lead Paint, DDT, Cigarettes not causing cancer, and what the core of the earth looks like.

You know that fire burns, water is wet, drop something and it falls to the floor. We can all test these things. What shape is the world? Thats not something you know, its something youre TOLD. To put it simply, you just have to take their word for it.

And theres the real crux of the problem, the weight of their word, its really about trust. Most of us trust science to some degree. To be fair, it has produced some modern conveniences, like air conditioning, lightbulbs, and smart phones.

But it also made things like atomic weapons, nerve gas, and napalm. Make no mistake, the greatest advances in science have been in different ways to kill each other.

What if, after centuries of preaching the globe as a religious icon, the powers that be found out that it was actually not a sphere, but instead something much different? Would they risk unravelling 500 years of science doctrine by informing the public? Could a government still retain its authority if there were actually proof of a higher power?

Its about proving the Flat Earth, but more importantly, its about disproving the globe, and that shouldnt be possible, but there are several big questions which science has a difficult time with.

Why was there only one blue marble image used for 43 years? Where are the videos of the earth rotating from space? Astronauts cant turn around in space with the camera running? Not even by accident? Are the Van Allen radiation belts dangerous? Why does the Orion Trial by Fire video exist? Why was the space shuttle program cancelled? Why does the Mars mission keep getting postponed? Why are they closing down the ISS?

Why is Psalm 19:1 on Werner Von Brauns headstone? Why is the moon generating a light that is sometimes 12 degrees colder than the moon shade? How is that possible if its reflecting the suns rays? And if the moon is generating its own light source, then what was that dark grey thing we landed on?

We can beam back crystal clear photos of Pluto, but the Global Positioning System doesnt track planes in the Southern oceans?

And why does this topic, compared to ANY other, conspiracy or not, make people excited, angry, or scared? Some of you are getting anxious just listening! Why? Because its the greatest trick of all, and we all fell for it. You should be excited, because its going to change the world. You should be angry, because you were fooled your entire life, and you should be a little scared, because this is uncharted territory.

This is the Flat Earth theory, that the world is easy to understand, more intimate, and very deliberate. It didnt just happen, it was built, and more importantly built for you. Open your eyes and smile. You have never been alone.

Published by Booglez Limited, UK - Flat Earth Clues is digestible nuggets of information broken down in a very reader-friendly way.

Author Mark Sargent is located in the USA and can be contacted on [email protected] or +303-494-6631. He runs a regular radio show called Enclosed World where you can phone in and discuss the topic.
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Interview with Flat Earth Theorist Mark Sargent - Viva Frei Interviews

The bizarre tale of the flat-Earth convention that fell apart

A vicious falling-out, alleged death threats, an arson attempt. This is the story of how Australia's first flat-Earth conference destroyed itself from the inside out. The convention flyer described it as an "ocean level world record laser attemt" [sic]. A repetition of the Bedford Level Experiment on a record-breaking scale. A laser beam sent miles across the sea to another point -- a boat, probably.

Several years ago, Daniel Clark was looking to direct a documentary when he read discussions on Reddit about an increasingly popular topic: whether the Earth was actually flat, and if we were living in a Truman Show -like simulation. This is all embedded in a larger discussion about conspiracy theorists and the dangers of anti-intellectualism. Recently, we talked to Clark about why flat earthers interested him, the perils of believing in alternate truths, whether or not we should treat their community more seriously, and more. GQ: What were some of the things you learned by spending so much time with flat earthers? Daniel Clark : The fascinating thing was there were so many different school of thoughts in the community on what they believe to be true. There are walls on the edge of the Earth. But do the walls end at some point, or does it just go on forever?

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There are many head-shaking moments in Behind the Curve —a documentary, now on Netflix, that follows luminaries of the Flat Earth movement, particularly YouTuber Mark Sargent. The most surprising may be the rigor with which believers in a Flat Earth disprove themselves. Twice in Behind the Curve , experiments show the opposite of what Flat Earth advocates hope to demonstrate, with one such experiment, involving a flashlight, serving as the documentary's ending. Sargent and other proponents of a Flat Earth believe that our planet is covered by a gigantic dome, with the sun and moon rotating in circles above our heads. Antarctica isn't a unified continent, but a giant ice wall—just like in Game of Thrones , Sargent says—that surrounds the continents of Earth. Later, the documentary checks in on people with even more fantastical beliefs, including theorizing that additional, undiscovered continents are out there, beyond the wall.

Modern flat Earth societies are organizations that promote the belief that the Earth is flat rather than a globe. Such groups date from the middle of the 20th century; some adherents are serious and some are not. Those who are serious are often motivated by pseudoscience or conspiracy theories. Through the use of social media, flat Earth theories have been increasingly espoused by individuals unaffiliated with larger groups, many of which have members from several countries. Modern flat Earth belief originated with the English writer Samuel Rowbotham —

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