Why does gatsby offer nick work

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why does gatsby offer nick work

The Great Gatsby - Gatsbys Criminality Showing 1-50 of 554

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The Great Gatsby: Important Issues in Chapter 1 & Nick's Character

Why does Gatsby offer Nick work?

Click the summary infographic to download. All rights reserved. Scott Fitzgerald. When Nick arrives home after his talk with Jordan, Gatsby is waiting for him, excited as a little kid on Christmas morning. But he tries to hide it and play Mr.

That night, Nick comes home from the city after a date with Jordan. As Nick walks home, Gatsby startles him by approaching him from across the lawn. Gatsby seems agitated and almost desperate to make Nick happy—he invites him to Coney Island, then for a swim in his pool. Nick realizes that Gatsby is nervous because he wants Nick to agree to his plan of inviting Daisy over for tea. Nick tells Gatsby that he will help him with the plan. He also offers him the chance to make some money by joining him in some business he does on the side—business that does not involve Meyer Wolfshiem.

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Gatsby does not actually offer Nick employment but suggests that he could help him out financially through his vast network of business connections.
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Why does Gatsby offer Nick work and how does Nick feel about it?

Book Guides. Our citation format in this guide is chapter. We're using this system since there are many editions of Gatsby, so using page numbers would only work for students with our copy of the book. To find a quotation we cite via chapter and paragraph in your book, you can either eyeball it Paragraph beginning of chapter; middle of chapter; on: end of chapter , or use the search function if you're using an online or eReader version of the text. Gatsby wants to hang out, but clearly only because he wants to know what Nick has decided about asking Daisy for tea. They are unable to speak two words.

Gatsby offers Nick work because he probably feels a little bad for him. Gatsby sees that Nick does not nearly have as much wealth as him. I think that he wants to help Nick in a way. During the time that the story is taking place, the Great Depression is taking place in the United States. It seems that Nick is struggling a little and Gatsby sees that and feels for him. He is just trying to be a good neigbor.

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