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clarence darrow kevin spacey review

Resist Not Evil by Clarence Darrow

Thought provoking, to be sure, but ultimately I disagree with Darrows conclusions.

While the criminal justice system is indisputably broken, I think Darrow errs in ascribing the causes of crime to being purely environmental, and I especially disagree with his conception of criminal behavior as a disease. He denies the role of free will, reducing men to nothing more than the product of their environments, not as the thinking, acting, purpose-driven beings they are. Having a poor upbringing or living in a bad environment do not cause crime, they just change the incentives.

Darrows commitment to non-violence is mostly admirable but, like Gandhi, he goes too far, denying that violence is acceptable even in self-defense or to stop someone from committing a heinous act. I wish he had gone into more specifics about his theory of criminal justice. For example, how would he deal with a rampaging serial killer who showed no signs of remorse? This book gives the impression that he would simply give the man a hug and hope for the best, hardly an acceptable course of action in my view. In fact, Darrow never talks about the victims of violent crimes, expressing sympathy only for the criminals themselves.

Sending non-violent offenders to prison in order to pay their debt to society serves no useful purpose, but neither does allowing murderers and rapists to roam free with no consequences for their actions.
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Clarence Darrow, Henry Fonda, Made for TV 1974

That was Kevin Spacey speaking to a few thousand audience members in this case, you might say spectators at an imaginative production of David W.
Clarence Darrow

BWW Review: Kevin Spacey Aces CLARENCE DARROW at Arthur Ashe Stadium

D irector Thea's Sharrock's mischievous decision is that our first sighting of Kevin Spacey as the civil rights lawyer Clarence Darrow is of his legs with no upper body visible: he is under his desk, forcing open a drawer. He is packing up his office. This is a day of reckoning, an excuse to review Darrow's career as one of America's most crusading men. Over 50 years, he saved people from the death penalty, was proactively intolerant of racism and never lost sight of the connection between crime and poverty. The show is also a chance to celebrate Kevin Spacey as he edges towards the end of his career as the Old Vic's artistic director he hands over to Matthew Warchus in To tease Spacey's fans still further, Sharrock has elected that his next move is to make a hurried exit offstage, as if in search of a missing file, into the darkness of the wings. All this happens wordlessly, within the first two or three minutes.

By Jeremy Gerard. Kevin Spacey has an enduring passion for Clarence Darrow, the Chicago lawyer famed for defending the defenseless and the undefendable. And Spacey has been paying tribute to him for more than two decades — from a telefilm and, in London, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Thursday night was the first of just two performances, the opener before an enthusiastic crowd of several thousand that encircled the setting in the central space — court to court, as Spacey put it. Bespectacled, with red braces holding up his trousers and a floppy Will Rogers-ish hairstyle famous from countless press photos, Spacey looks the part and attempts to make the space intimate, venturing along the ramps leading to the set and sitting next to patrons on occasion. But in the end, the venue defeats him and renders the experiment a near, if not total, failure. A few moments of full-throttle emotion came across, but only because the actor happened to be standing a few feet from me in the good seats.

Ask any New York Mets fan and they'll tell you that one of the unique quirks about watching a game at the team's Flushing home - be it the now-demolish Ed Shea Stadium or the current Citi Field - is the frequent rumbling of planes coming in and out of LaGuardia Airport. The showcase venue of the U. Open Tennis Tournament, located in nearby Flushing Meadows Park, was used last week for the first time in its history to house a legit theatre production - two performances of Kevin Spacey starring in David W. Add to that the loudly reverbed amplification that sounded more appropriate for Darrow, of course, was the iconic lawyer best remembered for the Scopes "Monkey" Trial, where he opposed William Jennings Bryan to defend the right to teach evolution in public schools. A prominent member of the American Civil Liberties Union, much of his career was devoted to the rights of the working class and his strong opposition to the death penalty. Spacey originally starred in director Thea Sharrock 's mounting at London's Old Vic, and its in-the-round set-up was replicated for Flushing; a small circular stage with ramps going out into the audience at each quarter.

It's not surprising that Kevin Spacey would choose to resurrect David W. Rintels' play about Clarence Darrow — the famed criminal lawyer.
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