Is my girlfriend a good girlfriend quiz

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is my girlfriend a good girlfriend quiz

The Girlfriend Test: A Quiz for Women Who Want to Be a Better Date and a Better Mate by Wendy Walsh

Are You Good Girlfriend Material?
If you really gave it some thought, would you say that you are a full-fledged Daddya??s Girl or queen of the Girlsa?? Girls? At work are you the nonstop Chatty Cathy or the no-nonsense Corporate Cat? On dates do you wear your best Barbie Doll outfit, or are you the proper Miss Priss? Whether you can admit it or not, the fact is that we women assume many roles (and not all of them positive) at work and at play, and especially in the dating game. And, whether we like it or not, the men in our lives can spot a woman who isna??t exactly a??relationship-readya?? from a mile away. If you trigger a fight-or-flight response in a potential mate, Wendy L. Walsh wants you
to take a long hard look at yourself in The Girlfriend Test.

With commentary from hundreds of single and committed men throughout the country, The Girlfriend Test offers insight into the male mind, as well as the chance to learn how you ratea??as a date and a matea??through a series of quizzes. These tests offer such thought-provoking questions as:

a?? Do you see your future husband in every man you date?
a?? Are you confident enough to go out on the town alone, or do you prefer to travel with a pack of gal pals?
a?? On a first date, do you talk way too much about your past relationships?
a?? Do you enter a relationship planning to change him?
a?? Do you know when to say no to sex? When to say yes?

The Girlfriend Test is a must-read for any woman who is brave enough to do some self-reflection, any woman who wants to enter a new relationship with a healthy outlook, and any woman who wants to become the best girlfriend she can be.
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10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Is My Girlfriend The Right One For Me?

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Everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship. Do you know if your relationship is healthy? Answer yes or no to the following questions to find out.
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Do make time to discuss any concerns or uncomfy feelings.

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