Maybe people are younger when they are asleep

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maybe people are younger when they are asleep

The Outsiders Quotes by S.E. Hinton

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Published 13.12.2018

Falling Asleep

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Chapter Answers Chapter 7 1. Explain what Ponyboy means when he says Soda "reminds me of a colt"? Ponyboy means that Soda is very young and full of energy just like a colt. He is playful, and enjoys living a young life. He is in the hospital and his back was broken from all the wood falling on him, was in severe shock, and had third degree burns all over him. Being crippled would be horrible for Johnny rather than anyone else because Johnny is very active and loves to be around the gang and Ponyboy couldn't imagine Johnny stuck in his house.

If I was in, say, fourth grade, this would be pretty late. But things would be different. Get home and eat. Wash up. Ok, after you eat. Downstairs, get the gloves and a ball, upstairs, outside, Dad was my baseball coach again.

Get an answer for '"Maybe people are younger when they are asleep." What do you think about this comment (chap. 7, pg. )?' and find homework help for.
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Post a Comment., Since the facial muscles are relaxed and crow's feet are less prominent with closed eyelids, the impression may be that people look younger when fast asleep - but surely this also depends on their dreams: nightmares may result in hideously contorted faces, for instance.



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